Wednesday, 31 October 2012

London 1666

On Friday the whole of Year 1 and Year 2 met together in the school hall to recreate London in 1666. Miss Stickley reminded the children that the houses were built close together and that only one side of the river was affect by the Great Fire. The children then took turns to position their house on the streets of London.
These houses had been planned, made and evaluated over the previous week.
Ready to start



Adding the detail

Adding the detail

Adding the detail to the roof
Below is how they looked when displayed all together. We invited other members of the school to visit and even sang to them whilst they wandered around. This has been a great topic, which was enjoyed by the KS1 and this display was a fantastic way to show off some of our learning to the rest of the school.

Monday, 29 October 2012


A few weeks ago Mrs Matthews received a package in school from the website Twinkl, it was a recordable artwork canvas that had been sent to her to try out with her class. Since there are 30 members of the class and there was only one canvas, we waited for a chance to create a class project.
The end of The Great Fire of London topic proved just the inspiration we needed and so two children drew the bakery shop and everyone else used the paints provided to add flames to it. As a way of signing it each child used a fingerprint to make part of the road.
We then had great fun working out how to record the class singing "London's burning" and once we found out how to open the battery compartment and switched the picture to record, the class sang beautifully and we now have a permanent remind of our first topic this year.
Our finished painting
The children had lots of fun with this and it was a lovely added extra,  but probably has more value as an individual activity that a class one and would make a lovely gift for a grandparent.
The finished canvas now hangs on the classroom wall and so thank you Twinkl for asking us to try this out and any visitors to Hargreaves class feel free to press the button and listen to our singing!

Friday, 26 October 2012


Netball A Team (Home game) – 25th October 2012
Captain Annabelle H
CC won the first toss and opted for first centre pass. The team were spectacular Emily M showed some amazing defending as GD. At half time the score was3-3. Second half CC pulled together and the team were incredible. Lottie B as Centre held the team together and intercepted some amazing passes. Again Bengeo fielded a complete Year 6 team; the final score was 6-8 to Bengeo.
 Netball B Team (Home game) – 25th October 2012
Captain Hermione H
Bengeo won the toss but let Christ Church have first centre. From the start Bengeo were a much stronger team (we even questioned if they were playing their A Team not their B Team!). Bengeo were made up of a full Year 6 squad and at half time unfortunately Christ Church were losing 10-0.Christ Church put up a gallant fight and managed a goal. The final score was 17-1 but Christ Church B Team showed great sportsmanship and worked so well as a team.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

The Great Fire Of London animation

As a finale to our Great Fire of London topic, Year One made this video. They wrote the script, drew the scenery, arranged the "actors", narrated and played the music. We hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed making it.

Gambian Fundraising

Last term all sorts of events took place in school to raise money for our twin school in Chessay Ma Jaw. We saw everything from a plant sale to an art exhibition,  a teddy bear picnic to a pyjama day and a sponsored walk to a sponsored bike/scooter ride.

Today Chris and Margaret from HELPING came to school and were, in Margaret's words, overwhelmed to be presented with a cheque for £1076.35. Margaret explained how, this money will not only buy the lamps that are needed, but will also pay to put a roof on a classroom and so extend the space the school have for learning. At present without a roof this room is rendered unusable due to the fact it is either too wet when it rains or too hot when the sun is out to be of any use.

Many thanks to everyone who took part in the fund raising or donated towards it . You have ensured that our partners in The Gambia can continue their education and light their homes without the risk of fire.

Children from KS1, Lower KS2 and Upper KS2
present the cheque to Mr and Mrs Meeks

Friday, 19 October 2012


“A” Team
In the toss up Morgan’s got the centre which led them to a goal, however Christ Church came back with a goal from Libby. Lottie took the centre which led us to a goal by our GA (Annabelle) and with great defending from Emily, Holly, Saffy and Abi. The first half ended 1-4 to us. In the second half we took the centre where we had two goals in 5 minutes, one from our GA (Annabelle) and the other from our GK Kasey. Morgan’s had a push and shove half where
they scored a goal but we finished the match winning 2-8. Captain – Lottie B
By Lottie B and Annabelle H – Tolkien Class

“B” Team

After a brilliant first half we were drawing 1-1 thanks to our defenders Ally O and Amelia M. That’s not forgetting our goal shooter Aspen P. The second half started brilliantly as Freya I scored the first goal of the half. Morgan’s defenders were strong but we kept it together .After 5 minutes Morgan’s had scored twice. We were good but Morgan’s just beat us 3-2. Captain – Marissa

By Emily M


“A” Team
We played away to Morgan’s and lost 7-1,with a great goal by Liam H who blasted as free kick in the top corner. Everyone tried their very best from start to finish. The best part of the game was when Liam scored and got biscuits and drink from Morgan’s school. We had a good game but unfortunately we conceded 7 goals. Man of the Match was Zak B
By Mason D and Josh S – Shakespeare Class
“B” Team
At kick off the match was very even, both teams had chances to score, but Morgan’s got the first goal. Unluckily Morgan’s got the second goal, both of their goals were lucky and good but in the second half we had lots of chances. Toby scored but the ref said it was a free kick, our manager started to roll on the ground. Once the Ref realised that the ball had actually gone in the back of the net he allowed it. Marcus made some brilliant saves and Robbie was great in defence. Final score 3-1 Morgan’s. Man of the Match – Robbie M
By Marcus W & Toby M – Shakespeare Class

The Great Fire of London

KS1 welcomed a special visitor today... Mrs Wellbake! In case you don't know she is Samuel Pepys' cook and he sent her to Ware especially to visit us. She took great delight in the "Where, Ware" joke!

First of all she introduced us to a few other trades people who worked with fire, There was Alfie the blacksmith, Emily the dyer, Archie the candle maker, Ella the soap maker and of course Thomas Farrynor the Baker. She asked us if we had heard about the great fire and was very surprised when she found out that the news had already spread to Hertfordshire. She pointed out that any of these people could have started a fire in their day to day work - but it was the baker who got the blame.
Then we met Thomas Farrynor's children and maid. We sang Ring-a-ring of Roses, whilst the children played. Amy and Charlie were soon worn out and settled down to sleep. We were so glad that they had survived the plague and could now sing about it.
As the family slept, disaster struck. Fire, Fire! The flames were soon licking at the bedroom door. The family escaped by jumping onto the roof, however the poor maid was not so brave and was the first casualty of the fire.
 Mrs Wellbake told us that The Lord Mayor had been informed but he just went back to bed. His maid passed on the news but he was not concerned. There were often fires and they soon died down.
By this time, her master, Samuel Pepys (she was quite taken aback that we knew of him), was interested in the fire and had begun to write about it in his diary. She showed us the inside and we saw the code he used.
He wrote about The King and James the Prince. The King was not so good at putting out the fire but James was very hands on.
Leather buckets of water were passed along a line and thrown on the fire....
...water squirts were used to point at the fire and squirt water and finally .....
...James helped use the fire hooks to pull down houses to make a fire break. Fortunately the wind eventually died down and the fire slowed down and was put out. Mrs Wellbake was able to rescue her cat and the children of KS1 cheered.
We all thoroughly enjoyed Mrs Wellbake's story; the website promised that the children would have lots of fun and be fired with enthusiasm. We have to agree. When asked they said they loved it all, enjoyed wearing the costumes and these helped them understand the characters, loved seeing each other dressed up, enjoyed being the fire and were pleased that Lucky the cat survived! They were delighted they knew who Mrs Wellbake was talking about and could answer her questions.
It was a thoroughly enjoyable show and we look forward to our last week of learning about The Great Fire of London and what the children come up with in response to Mrs Wellbake.

Carle class

This week in Carle Class we have been learning about capacity. We made milkshakes and played a fun game ensuring we used the words- full, half full and empty. What a yummy maths lesson!

We did lots of practical measuring in the water tray.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Police Top Trumps

This morning KS1 and KS2 were treated to a visit from PC Mark Bullen. PC Bullen usually works in Sele Farm but especially wanted to visit Christ Church to introduce us to a new game.... Top Cops.
There are 21 cards to collect and they are very easy to get. When your child sees a Police officer in Hertford or Ware, they can approach them and ask for a card - simple.
The idea behind the initiative is to help young people get to know the local police and to understand that the officers are there to help and befriend people.
Did you know we have local members of the Police force who can speak Russian, was once a DJ, an ex diamond trader, a carpenter and one who is a member of the Jesters Guild?  
PC Bullen, ably assisted by Libby, demonstrated some of the kit he carries including handcuffs, leg restraint and baton.
After a question and answer session, two children were given their first card and we were told that if you manage to collect all 21, there is a treat in store by contacting the local police station.
Thank you to PC Bullen and we look forward to seeing any cards the children manage to collect (in a safe and responsible way!). PC Bullen did state that the children should ensure their parents know what they are doing and to ensure that it is only members of the Police force they approach.

"I am going to find some policemen and get some cards" - A

"Cool!" - M

"Will he come back oif we get all the cards and play them in the playground?" - A

Friday, 12 October 2012


Last week in Carle Class the children made popcorn.  They enjoyed it so much it didn't make it home! This week they have been busy making bread rolls...

First we rubbed the butter into the bread mix with our finger tips. 

IA ''It's silky smooth''. 
Next we kneaded the dough

We left the dough to rise over lunch....

                                                                              Then we shaped the dough into rolls. 

We sprinkled poppy seeds and sunflower seeds on top.

 Finally we baked them in the oven for 30 minutes...delicious!!

CF ''I ate mine on the way home!''

RH ''It was yummy!''

AD ''I shared mine.''

BC ''Can we make some more next week?''

Carle Class fun! The first 6 weeks.

Well done to all of the new reception children. They have settled into school life so quickly and happily!

Here is a taste of what we have been up to...


                                                                      Sharing books with our reading buddies


Dressing up... ''For a wedding!'' said AK

    We went on a spider web hunt!


                                             Messy play!! (crazy foam)

                                   We've transformed our role play into a bakery.
                            The children were inspired after making real bread rolls!


‘A’ team
Christ Church ‘A’ team won the toss in the first quarter. Christ Church soon had possession allowing Annabelle to have our 1st shot, which she scored. Our passing was perfect with some lovely shots and interceptions. We finished the first quarter at 0-2.
Christ Church kicked off the second quarter. St Mary’s fought back and passed well to achieve a goal. Christ Church won possession again and we finished the second quarter 1-4 with a goal from Libby and Annabelle. We continued the match with some great footwork, team work and excellent defending keeping St. Mary’s at bay, more goals came from our Goal Attack Annabelle bringing the end of the third quarter to 2-7. Going into the last quarter we were really excited and knew we would have our very first win. The game finished 2-8.
Everyone played their position excellently and we worked really well as a team.

Contributions from Jessica C and Lottie B.

‘B’ team

Christ Church ‘B Team’ played a brilliant first match and we looked the part too thanks to our team leaders. The Match was dominated by us from the start and we all worked great as a team together, marking the other team. Well done to our Goal Attack / Shooter’s for scoring so many goals. The final score was Christ Church ‘B Team’ 10 – St. Marys 1. Bring on the next match!
Written by Amelia O (Sub and Wing Attack) – Shakespeare Class.


'A' team
Thursday 11th October. The 'A' team played their first match of the season, against St. Mary’s. The match started off ok, and then the first goal came. 1-0 to St. Mary’s. Then another goal just before half time, 2-0.
Second half, we were trying our hardest to get back a goal, but St. Mary’s were too good. Then before you know it more goals came and we were losing 4-0…5-0…6-0…7-0 finally 8-0 to St. Marys! We all tried our hardest to score but they were just too good for us. Man of the Match – Thomas J No.11
Written by Liam H and Thomas J – Horowitz Class
'B' team
On Thursday, Christ Church played St. Mary’s. The ‘B Team’ in football won 1-3. It was an amazing performance. We scored the first goal (Jake A).
It was very difficult for our manager (Mr Price) to coach two teams at once but we had another dad step in to manage our B Team (thank you Mr Bradshaw).
We then came in with another goal (Edward B). At half time I came on as a defender. St. Mary’s scored their first goal but we got one more to make it 1-3. Aidan R who was our goalkeeper got ‘Man of the Match’.
Written by Nathan B – Horowitz Class

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Year One

Each week the Year One children have an opportunity to to meet together and have  time for child initiated learning, building on the skills they used in reception as well as other activities that are geared towards their age range. At the same time the Year Two children meet for their age appropriate teaching and learning
As you are aware our topic in The Great Fire of London and last week we were asked by a child could we make some bread, just like Thomas Farrynor did. Today we did just that and each Year One child was able to join in the process and take home a bread roll.
Various children, mixed, kneaded, rolled and shaped the dough. It was left to rise and then cooked in the kitchen. The result was a large batch of golden bread rolls and unlike in 1666 we manage not to burn down any buildings!
Other activities and a great games can be found here  and here and if you do a search for the topic you can find lots more. Don't forget to visit The Museum of London or climb The Monument and bring in any photos.

Harvest at Christ Church School

Many thanks to all who donated to our Harvest contribution. It was heartwarming to see the children place their offering at the front of church.
We enjoyed a service based on the story of Ruth and were treated to pictures from Inkpen, a song from Reception, the story of a seed from KS1, a reading and drama from Lower KS2 and prayers from Upper KS2.
John Hookway, our Vicar, once again challenged us to hangman and, unlike last year, he very nearly won this round! We sang a few of our favourite seasonal songs and the choir treated us to a beautiful rendition of a thank you song.
We hope you enjoyed sharing this special service with us and we will try to remember the message and think of others and share what we have.


Last year Lee Valley Karate Academy visited us and gave a small demonstration to the children.
Today they came back for their second visit and once again showed some basic karate moves and invited some willing volunteers to take part. The block, duck and jump sequence being the most popular.
Classes are held in Ware and a flyer should be coming home soon if your child is interested in attending a trial lesson.