Friday, 12 October 2012


‘A’ team
Christ Church ‘A’ team won the toss in the first quarter. Christ Church soon had possession allowing Annabelle to have our 1st shot, which she scored. Our passing was perfect with some lovely shots and interceptions. We finished the first quarter at 0-2.
Christ Church kicked off the second quarter. St Mary’s fought back and passed well to achieve a goal. Christ Church won possession again and we finished the second quarter 1-4 with a goal from Libby and Annabelle. We continued the match with some great footwork, team work and excellent defending keeping St. Mary’s at bay, more goals came from our Goal Attack Annabelle bringing the end of the third quarter to 2-7. Going into the last quarter we were really excited and knew we would have our very first win. The game finished 2-8.
Everyone played their position excellently and we worked really well as a team.

Contributions from Jessica C and Lottie B.

‘B’ team

Christ Church ‘B Team’ played a brilliant first match and we looked the part too thanks to our team leaders. The Match was dominated by us from the start and we all worked great as a team together, marking the other team. Well done to our Goal Attack / Shooter’s for scoring so many goals. The final score was Christ Church ‘B Team’ 10 – St. Marys 1. Bring on the next match!
Written by Amelia O (Sub and Wing Attack) – Shakespeare Class.

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