Thursday, 22 May 2014

Thursday 22nd May

Our final instalment from Kingswood.

Mason - Kingswood is brilliant.  I wish I could come again.  The best thing was go-karting.  I have had a great time with my friends.

Jimmy - I am really happy.  I tried outdoor climbing.  I am having the best time.

Fred - I enjoyed the view and the ride on the zip wire.  The leaders helped you and told you everything to do.

Archie - I enjoyed the zip wire the most and the leap of faith was probably the hardest part of the trip but it was great fun.

William - I have enjoyed everything, especially the zip wire and the leap of faith.  The instructors helped you and gave you clear advice.

Aspen - I have had an absolutely brilliant time at Kingswood!  I particularly enjoyed archery and outdoor climb!

Marcus - Kingswood is great!  All of the activities have been great!  My top three activities are leap of faith, outdoor climbing and zip wire.

Jake A - Kingswood is great!  I really liked the abseiling.

Toby - I am having a really good time.  I enjoyed the zip wire so much.  I was afraid of the height but I still did the activities.

Freddie - Kingswood is great fun!  All of the activities are good except one or two and I did the leap of faith!

Sam D - Kingswood has been very cool, fun and epic.


Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Wednesday 21st May

Our next instalment from Kingswood.

Ally - It was so much fun learning about survival, especially making the fires.  In caving I was a bit scared but the leaders were very nice.

Jake C - The activities are amazingly fun, definitely a great experience.

Jessica - During Kingswood all of the activities have been great and the instructors are all really kind and friendly.  I am having a fab time.

Libby - Whilst being at Kingswood all of the activities have been amazing (especially the leap of faith).  The food is good overall, but they could improve breakfast.

Alex - Kingswood is really fun but food is disgusting.  I love Kingswood but the room is really small.

Lottie - The leap of faith was amazing!  Very scary going up the tower but once I jumped it was fantastic.

Jodie - Kingswood is the time of my life.  Thank you for having me.  You are a great team (Kingswood staff).

Katie - All of the activities are really fun so far.  We have laughed and cried and have been looking after each other.

Emily - The leap of faith was epic, so was abseiling. Although I am getting homesick I am enjoying the time with my friends.

Charlie - My favourite activity was archery because I kept on hitting the main target.

Dougie - Kingswood has been really fun.  We have done many activities and I think the year 5 children will like it.

Aaron - Leap of faith was my favourite activity because I felt like I was flying.

Holly - Kingswood has been great!  Activities are really fun and amazing.  However breakfast can be improved by adding eggs and sausages for a traditional breakfast.

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Kingswood 2014

Kingswood 2014

Tuesday, 20th May

We would love to share with you some of the children's experiences.

Talitha - Yesterday we did the leap of faith.  It was very scary.  Today we are doing ICT, abseiling and go-karting.  Abseiling is really scary at the top - I was shaking but when you walk down it was so fun.

Amelia B - I woke up today and I am really looking forward to abseiling. 

Hermione - We didn't get much sleep but we are still looking forward to the activities.

Saffy - I am really looking forward to the zip wire and I loved abseiling.

Amelia M - I am really scared but now I have seen other people doing it I want to try (just before I abseiled).

Sam B - The abseiling was very cool even though it was kind of scary.

Marissa - When you are at the top of the abseiling wall it is really scary because you have to lean backwards but when you are doing it is really fun.

Amelia O - The abseiling is really scary when you are at the top but when you are finally climbing down it is really fun and you feel like you want another go.

Freya M - The food at Kingswood is very greasy and Kingswood is epic.  All of the staff here are so much fun, especially the abseiling.  It was scary at first but so much fun.

Rebecca - We have already done leap of faith, which was terrifying and when we did archery our shout out was I shoot like Katniss Everdene Twang.

Annabelle - At first I was really scare of the leap of faith but when I did it I loved it.  There is nothing to be scared of.  I love it here especially archery like Katniss Everdene.  I am not a fan of the food at all.

Freya I - On the first day we did the leap of faith and it was really scary.  I jumped but I didn't get the bar.  Today was really fun.

Mckenzie - Kingswood is amazing.  There are so many activities, leap of faith, archery, caving, low ropes, go-karting and many many more.  The food is amazing.  The rooms are fairly good as well.

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Dear zoo

Last week the children in Carle Class were reading Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell. 

We decided to write to the zoo ourselves asking for a class pet.  We asked for all sorts of animals...a lion, a kangaroo and even a penguin.  

The people at the zoo thought very hard and decided to send us a fish!

Meet Carle...

We told the school all about it during our assembly on Friday.  Our assembly was so much fun, we got the whole school singing our 'Boogie, woogie, woogie' song!!