Thursday, 31 May 2012


                                                                        Low Ropes challenge


                                                            The Leap of Faith in the rain.


                                            Preparing for the Nightline (obstacle challenge).

Kingswood - Thursday

It was the day the rain arrived, we got wet through but the spirits stayed high. The activities got harder and harder; our limits were truly tested by the 'Leap of Faith'.

Just imagine this scene, the rain was lashing down, the wind blew in their faces, but Christ Church children just kept on climbing that horribly slippery and wobbly pole. One by one, they got to the very top, stood up on a tiny platform and took a test of the ultimate endurance, the 'Leap of Faith'.

We, adults, totally drenched and hunched up on a little bench below, were left amazed and immensely proud of the children. What a pity, you parents were not here to witness their personal successes.

Never mind, I am sure that they will tell you all about it, see you all tomorrow.

Children's comments:

Please, remember that all the children were asked to contribute but some chose not to.

Georgie: The disco was very good.
Abigail: Can't wait to come home and see my family and pet.
Maisie: The 'Leap of Faith' was very scary and the pole was wobbly but I enjoyed it.
Natalie: Kingswood is brilliant. The 'Leap of Faith' was so scary, however, I really enjoyed it. I have loved it but I'm glad to be going to see my family soon.
Ellie: 'Leap of Faith' was brilliant, the zip wire was fantastic, go carting was amazing. I am really going to miss this place.
Josie: Leap of Faith was amazing. I enjoyed it so much, the pole was wobbly and it was really tall, good though.
Iris: I got half way up the pole, got scared and came down. But this still means I did the Leap of Faith.
Ruby: I got half way, hated it, cried, came down and discovered I'm scared of hights. But I still can't wait to go home. NOT.
Imogen: I enjoyed the Leap of Faith, it was very scary and fun at the same time.
Amelia: I enjoyed the zip wire and the Leap of Faith, they were both scary when you got to the top, but once you jumped you felt safe and wished you weren't sacered on the way up.
Year 6 girls (Dorm 13): We really enjoyed the whole week at Kingswood, it is a really good way to end our time at the primary school. Thank you for this opportunity.
Joseph (Birthday Boy): I had an excellent birthday today!

Victorian school

A serious Victorian photo

Today children from Years 3 and 4 went on a trip to the British Schools Museum. As part of our Victorian topic, the children took part in a Victorian School day.  The children were dressed in Victorian costumes, including girls in pretty white bonnets and aprons, boys in waistcoats and flat caps and a few grubby chimney sweeps.

That's more like it!

The children were greeted by the guides and immediately were expected to be in role.  The children greeted the guides with 'Good Morning Ma'am'.

On arrival
The children began their morning with a hands-on session looking at Victorian artifacts which had been passed on down through the ages. 

Victorian toys
Following this session, the children learned about some of the old toys and games in the Treasure Chest and had the opportunity to try out many replica toys for themselves.  They also completed a quiz about some of the other artifacts.  

Teachers table
Artifact quiz

After this the children were taken back in time to a Victorian Classroom.  

A Victorian bonnet

Collecting a penny
 The children were seated on benches behind wooden desks, which were on steps (like at the cinema.)  This was so the teacher could see all of the 100 pupils in the room at once.   


We stood and sang 'All things bright and beautiful'.

All things Bright and Beautiful
 Several monitors were chosen to give things out in the classroom.  These were the sensible children that could be trusted by the Victorian teacher.

The children took part in several tasks including Reading (at the wall), ciphering (arithmetic using slates) and writing with dip pens and ink. The children were also asked to spell different words and Evie was made to wear the 'Dunce' hat after she failed to spell the word 'fingers' (Evie was in role).

Correcting Miss Stone's posture

 Time for some body jerking.

Edward said - I got the cane because I knocked over the milkman on the way out of school.

Iona said - I really enjoyed looking at the Victorian toys and I am glad Miss Stone is not like the Victorian teacher.

Miss Stone said  - We had a thoroughly enjoyable day and many of the children said this was their best school trip ever!  The children were very well behaved, polite and were a credit to the school.  Well done year 3/4.

Lewis class dance

On Friday 18th May Lewis and McKee class took part in the Chauncy dance show. It was a great experience for all the children; from waiting back stage, to dancing, right through to front row seats to watch the rest of the show.

Lewis enjoyed dancing to It's a Hard Knock Life from the musical 'Annie' and the children looked quite the part in their orphan costumes.

Back stage the children were experiencing a range of emotions including; feeling extremely nervous, excited and raring to go.

Owen said 'Miss Stone, I am extremely proud of myself'.

Watch the children perform below:

The children were supported by a large number of their family and friends, who commented that they thought the children very brave to dance in front of so many people, that they all looked confident and happy and that it was their favourite dance of the show. 

"Well done Lewis class, I am proud of you all" - Miss Stone. 

Wednesday, 30 May 2012


It takes some courage to climb up to the top of a tall tower and then just jump down, even if you are strapped to many safety ropes.


Jack, strapped in safety harnesses and wearing a helmet,  is ready to go on the zip wire.

                                                 Mrs Henning is lowered down safely.

Kingswood - Wednesday

We have had another hectic day at Kingswood. The children have had a taste of real adventure, crawling through tight tunnels in the caves (full of spiders!!!) and flying through the air on the 'zip wire'. Other activities such as fencing, caving, designing a computer game and a disco proved quite popular too.
All in all, the children have continued to have lots of fun, while adults have continued to be tired, still not enough sleep, I'm afraid.

Children's comments:

Ruby: Go carts were amazing, can't wait till the Leap of Faith.
Jack: The zip wire was awesome!!! In the caves there were big spiders and not much air.
Nat: The zip wire was epic!!! Caving was awesome.
Elena: Not had a go on the zip wire yet (still waiting) but everyone said it's great. Love you mumma and pappa, hope you are OK, pappa - I loved your comment.
Georgie: The zip wire was really good and fun! It was quite scary at the top of the ladder (where you jump off) but once you jumped off, it wasn't scary. The caving was horrible, there were loads of bugs and really muddy!
Eden: Zip zip and away....
Oscar: Fun, epic and immense experience!
Iris: I was so scared about zip wire but it was so fun!! Caving was super muddy and dark.
Nathaniel: Zip wire was epic!
Francesca: The zip wire is brilliant, although it was scary at the top!
Maisie: I really enjoyed the zip wire, it was fast and great.
Amelia: A great experience and good time of year to be at Kingswood.
Sam: Caving was cool and not scary.

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

The Great Bed of Ware

Today a special assembly was held by the two Johns from Ware Museum.  They came to talk to us about the Great Bed of Ware which is currently on display at Ware Museum.  John Wing spoke to the school about the bed and when it is thought to have been in Ware. 

So how many people can fit in the Great Bed of Ware?  John laid out some carpet tiles to make the size of the Great Bed.  We managed to fit 15 children lying down in this space or 36 children sitting up.

Each child will be given a token and when they visit Ware Museum they will then get two stamps on a loyalty card.  After four stamps a special book mark will be rewarded.

Children's comments from Kingswood - Tuesday

Stanley: All the activities are great. Although I have been pushed to my limits I am having lots of fun.
Tiegan: Kingswood is fantastic, everyone is having fun and we all can't wait until the 'Leap of Faith'.
Natalie: Kingswood is awesome! The go carting was so cool. I really want to do the 'Zipwire' and 'Leap of Faith'.
Lisa: Kingswood is brilliant! We are doing lots of great activities such as go carts, abseiling, 'Aeroball' and many others.
Abigail: Kingswood is such great fun, pushing you to the limits and giving us new experiences. We are all doing great.
Jack: Awesome so far but the food id a bit horrible.
Francesca: It is really fun, we did loads of activities.
Ruby: It is such great fun, everything is amazing (apart form the food).
Elena (Birthday Girl): Just tried go-carting, which was amazing, although I am not sure about my driving skills, I may not be able to get a driving licence! I've had a GREAT birthday so far apart form lunch which wasn't nice. All in all is FAB.
Iris: Kingswood is so much more fun than I thought it would be. I am loving it so much.
Eden: It's awesome!!! Except for the food, no offence Kingswood.
Oscar and Sam: Awesome except for the food.

Kingswood - Tuesday

We are all doing fine and enjoying ourselves immensely. Today, our first full day in Kingswood has been packed with activities, no free time at all! We have had archery, go carting, low ropes, orienteering and special ICT games. The tasks have required a great deal of stamina and perseverance, they had to be completed under pressure, needless to say the Christ Church spirit has shined through well and truly.

We have also celebrated Elena's birthday, I think she got quite embarrassed when the whole Kingswood community, hundreds of kids literally, sang Happy Birthday to her. I hope she will never forget her special day at Kingswood.

The day has not finished yet, there are still a couple of tasks to complete so I sincerely hope the children will be tired tonight and find going to sleep much easier, as last night was rather testing for the adults.

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Jubilee celebrations

On Friday 25th May, we celebrated the Queen's Diamond Jubilee by holding a special jubilee lunch party.  We all ate our lunch together on the front playground.  The children sat with their reading buddies to enjoy their lunch together.

During the week the children made bunting to go around the playground, placemats, flags and crowns (all in red, white and blue). 

They also decorated a cupcake to take to the party.

After lunch the children completed a jubilee quiz on the field with their reading buddies.  This took quite a long time but all the children enjoyed working together with their buddies to find the answers.  It was a lovely afternoon to celebrate a very special event.