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More from Kingswood...

Here is Group J building their shelters and making them weatherproof.

Here is Group K doing the leap of faith. 

Here is Group L abseiling.


Friday, 19 May 2017

Technical problems at Kingswood this week: a few thank yous

Many thanks to parents/carers for their patience during Kingswood's technical problems this week.  I'm sure the children will tell you, but we had lots of little power cuts on Monday night and we didn't have internet connection for 2 days and no wi-fi for the following 4 days.  We had lots of pictures to show you and Christ Church staff  have spent what little free time they have had trying to send blog posts into school.  Thanks again for your support during this difficult time and thank you to Mrs Matthews for putting everything onto the blog when we weren't able to.

Kingswood Day 5

After getting washed and dressed the children packed their bags and tidied their rooms.  Well done to the boys for getting this done by 8:05am!  After another hearty breakfast Group L set off to do go-karting, which was not easy in the wind and the rain.  The children were very patient, especially those who had to wait a long time for their turn; there was no complaining. 

Their last session was Indoor Initiatives, which was practical problem solving, such as: balance ten nails on one, human tangle, make ten and ropes.  They were just relieved to be out of the rain!

After our last meal together, we got on the coach and left for home, arriving back tired and emotional.

Here are some children's favourite memories of the week:

"Driving in the buggy with Finn." Finlay C.
"Landing the leap of faith."  Aaron
"Drifting the side-by-side buggy."  Louis
"Lighting the fire and the side-by-side buggies."  Nate
"Overcoming my fear of heights."  Sam
"The caving - we got to explore in our groups and do hide & seek."  Ted
"Side-by-side because I'm into driving things."  William
"Side-by-side because I'm like engines and engineering."  Hayden
"Side-by-side because I had lots of power in my hands!"  Oliver
"Screaming down the zip wire."  Arthur
"Doing the Team Challenge."  Fionn
"Side-by-side because I got to drive a car."  Finlay S.
"Side-by-side because I'm a car guy!"  Josh
"The leap of faith because it was so exciting jumping off."  Julian
"The zip wire because I'd never done anything like it before."  Jasmine
"The leap of faith.  I didn't think I'd do it.  I'd been really nervous about heights.  I pushed myself and I did it."  Emily T.
"The zip wire.  At first I was scared to go down but then I succeeded."  Jorja
"Fire lighting.  If my parents had have been there, they would have told me not to do it!"  Evie
 "The leap of faith.  When you climb up it and get to the top, you feel like you've achieved something.  Even if you don't get to the top, you'd still feel you'd achieved something."  Natasha

Goldilocks and Other Things!

This week in Inkpen, we have enjoyed lots of Goldilock's related activities as well as visiting the library (everyone will have their own bar code and folder for borrowing books to take home - after half term - letter to follow) and lots of imaginative play!