Monday, 22 August 2011

Ware in Bloom

During the last term the Carle and McKee classes entered "Ware in Bloom".

We took part in the very first wheelbarrow competition. This involved us designing wheelbarrows, planting them, caring for them, decorating them and making a storyboard to show our project. We tied this in with our minibeast topic by decorating them with our favourite minibeasts.

These were then visited by, photographed by and judged by the members of the Ware in Bloom committee.

One of our newly planted barrows.
You may have seen our wheelbarrows and pots circling the tree in the corner of our outside area and complimented us on them. You may have donated soil or plants to enable us take part. You may have helped us plant the the barrows and care for them. You may have noticed our other beds which were full of vegetables, sweet peas and sunflowers. Maybe you donated some of these.

If so, thank you very much, you helped us win!

Yes, we were one of the winners of the best photo storyboard.

A snippet from The Mercury newspaper

We plan on taking part again next year and so please do get involved or look out for our request for donations of soil, herbs and bedding plants. Thank you.