Thursday, 21 November 2013

Christmas is coming....

The traditional hoops are up in the hall, the corridor displays are taking shape, plays are being rehearsed, Christmas cards are being ordered and the PSA are busy sorting out the last minute arrangements for the bazaar. See you Saturday!

Emergency 999

This half term, KS1 are learning about the people who respond when we phone 999. We were extremely fortunate that Mrs Pearce was able to visit us. She is a paediatric nurse who works in a hospital and undertakes home visits.
Some of the items a paediatric nurse uses on a daily basis.
She gave us a marvellous insight into her job and brought along loads of her day to day equipment to show us. This was fantastic because, it means, that should any child in Hargreaves, Potter or Butterworth ever find themselves in A and E they will be familiar with much of the equipment.
A head or arm injury are very common in children
The children were enthralled with her description of how she cares for people and her serving heart was an inspiration to us all. I hope that should any child, in our school, need hospital care they would get a nurse as sympathetic as child friendly as Mrs Pearce.
A common intervention for a paediatric nurse,
but one which can be scary for child and parent. 
We would like to thank Mrs Pearce for sharing her job with us and providing us with a through insight into her work. We all really enjoyed learning from her. (Thanks also to her daughters, who acted as the patients.)

Friday, 15 November 2013

Christ Church Chase update

The sports committee would like to thank all the families and friends of our children who sponsored or donated money to the Christ Church Chase. We raised a massive £2075.66. We would like to give special mention to Connor P in the nursery for raising an incredible £83. Well done everyone!

Wednesday, 6 November 2013


In Lewis Class we have been enjoying the challenge of investigations and lots of practical work. Here is a selection of photographs to show off our learning. 

Clock games

Clock bingo!

 How many division number sentences can you make using only the digit cards 0-9?

What a wonderful world topic

Here is just a selection of photographs from our topic work in Lewis Class so far. They include us making models of the different layers of the earth from salt dough; conducting experiments and making Roman villas.

Any feedback about this new topic would be great to see on our blog.

Lewis class working with our sports apprentice

During our PE sessions, we have enjoyed the opportunity to work with Christ Church’s sports apprentice – Mr Hales. Here are some photos of some circuit training he organised for us. He showed us how to take part safely and carefully, ensuring we followed the instructions carefully. We had great fun as well developing our fitness. We all left the hall looking a bit redder in the face and huffing and puffing.