Monday, 27 May 2013

Big Tops

As the finale to the circus topic, Hargreaves, Butterworth and Potter designed and made some model Big Tops. Take a look...


Friday, 24 May 2013

Kingswood 2013

24th May 2013

Goodbye Kingswood. In a couple of hours, we will be on the way home but the memories will stay with us for ever.

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Kingswood 2013

23rd May 2013

It has been generally agreed that this May is the coldest in Kingswood history (Could be the beginning of  a
new Ice Age!)  Therefore, our values of endurance and perserverance came in very handy when we tackled today's outdoor activities, of which there were many.

We did the zip wire (fly fly away), nightline (mud, mud and more mud), archery (don't shoot the teacher!) and laser zone (may the force be with you).

In between the outdoor activities, we had a chance to warm up in the ICT labs, making short film animation and  games.

Isn't it amazing how much can be squeezed into a day when you get up very early and go to bed really late?

Children's comments:-

The best part was the Leap of Faith, it was so easy. Climbing up was the hardest. ( Josh P)

Zip wire was the best, because I wasn't scared at the top. But climbing up was so scary. (William R. W.)

I got so wet!!, we were blind folded and had water poured on us whilst crawling through mud "fun".  (Thomas)

We were blind folded and walked through a field that had a low rope  attached to trees, with water being poured on us. Robbie M.)

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Cuffley Camp

On Tuesday 21st May 2013 the children in Years 5 and 6 went to Cuffley Camp for a fun, team-building day out.

After arriving the children were split into two groups.  Over the course of the day they completed the following activities:  problem solving tasks, orienteering and the over and under scramble course.

Attempting to get their whole team across the swamp using two planks and three tyres.
 Working as a team to move the plank skis from one side to the other.

Over and under scramble.

 Spider's web - can you get your whole team through the holes without touching the web?

 Over and under scramble.


The children had a fantastic day and arrived back at school happy but exhausted!

"My two favourite parts were watching Mrs Holdcroft squeeze under the small tree and shuffle through the blue tunnel on her back." (LW)

"Overall, I thought that it was the best school trip ever because we had lots of fun and were able to do lots of physical activities." (EM)

"It was a fun packed day and I loved it!" (AH)

"It was so much fun.  My favourite activity was the swamp crossing because it was a challenge.  It took a while to do it but we got there in the end." (SD)

Guide dogs

Today, Key Stage two had a visit from Sarah a guide dog puppy walker.  Sarah brought in Junior, a nine month old trainee guide dog, who she has had since he was 6 weeks old.  Sarah talked to us about guide dogs and how they help blind people.  She told us how she has to look after Junior and how she prepares him for life as a guide dog.  Junior will go to Guide dog school when he is just over 1 year old.

The children listened really carefully to Sarah and had lots of interesting questions to ask her about her role as a guide dog puppy walker.  Junior was so well behaved and was even happy to let the children stroke him.
Some of the children tried out activities to help them understand what it would be like to be blind.  Whilst blindfolded the boys had to try and work out how much money Sarah had given then and the girls had to work out what food they were given.  This was easy when they were given fruit, but much harder when they were given tins of different food!
In the afternoon Year 5 and 6 followed up this visit with a range of different activities linked to being blind.
Guiding a blindfolded partner around the field.

Finding our shoes and putting them back on whilst blindfolded.

Getting dressed whilst blindfolded!
We also attempted to pour ourselves a glass of water and butter some bread whilst blindfolded.  We tasted different foods without seeing them and guessed what they were. 
The children in Year 5 and 6 had a great day, whilst learning what life would be like without the sense of sight.

Kingswood 2013

22nd May 2013

Today's activites were dominated by the Leap of Faith. There was a great deal of anticipation and nerves involved while waiting for this activity to begin or sitiing and watching others do it.

I am really proud to tell you that all the children, in the real Christ Church spirit of 'I'm going to have a go' ethos, have attempted and done their best, conquering many of their fears on the way.

Children's comments:

We are all about to do the Leap of Faith and we are all so excited! Stay in tune for more Kingswood information. (Liam)

The absailing was really fun and really high! (Abigail)

The pole for the Leap of Faith is really high! I'm not even sacred. (Kasey)

The Leap of Faith was kind of frightening but when I did it, I felt like I could do anything. (Josh P.)

I attempted absailing twice but I was too scared to do it. However, I went for the third time and I managed to do it, Yipee, I succeeded. (Eleanor)

I had so much fun on the Leap of Faith. (Molly)

I had a fantastic time on the Leap of Faith. I was scared when I was on the platform about to jump. The pole moved when I was on the platform and I nearly fell off, but finally I jumped and caught the bar! It was fabulous. (Sarah)

The Leap of Faith was great. At last, I got to the top of the tower and slid off. Great fun today. (Josh D.)

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Kingswood 2013

21st May 2013

The children have settled really well. They have enjoyed diffrent activities, particulalry go-karting, indoor climbing and bouldering. We are all persevering, despite the typical English weather, cold and wet.
Children's comments:

The rock climbing was cool and the instructors are funny. (KN)

The go-karts were awesome and I like the shout outs. (Abigail)

Kingswood is great fun. (Lisa Marie)

I am really enjoying my stay at Kingswood. A couple of my favourite activities were the rock climbing and bed time. (Eleanor)

I'm really enjoying the activities, especially Cause and Effect! The dinners are great. (Josh D.)

Kingswood is really fun. We all have laughs at night. (Grace)

Kingswood is the best trip ever. The food is quite nice and the rooms are big and comfy. (Jade)

Sunday, 19 May 2013


All three classes in KS1 have been fortunate to have had some P.E sessions from Miss Easter, a P.E teacher at Chancy. She has been coming into school on a weekly basis to share her skills with the Year 1 and 2 children.
The focus of these sessions has been gymnastics. The children have learnt how to work alone, in pairs and in groups. They have learnt different types of jumps and balances; how to put a routine together and then perform it for the rest of the class and how to use their muscles to help them hold the positions.

Below are some examples of their hard work.

All trying to hold the same position

Paired star jumps from a bench
Synchronised balance

Four pencil jumps

Tuck jumps

Performing a balance routine

1-2-3-4- tuck jump

Paired tuck jumps

Performing a balance routine

Big Maths

As you know the children at Christ Church now have a weekly "Big Maths Beat That!" challenge. Each week they try to beat their best ever score.
Big Maths Learn It sheets (Reception to Year 6) are now available on the school website and the link to the timer is also there. This is the same jingle that will be used in class to time the challenges. (This is on the Big Maths website and can be downloaded for free.)

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Please help!

The children have been very busy doing a little gardening.  They are really enjoying planting, digging and watering.  We have planted a few herbs, some carrot seeds and salad leaves seeds. 
Please help us develop the garden further by donating compost, pots, plants, herbs etc.

Thank you!!