Tuesday, 28 February 2012


McKee class are taking part in the "Grow your own potatoes" project.

Today was the designated start date and so we followed the instructions. Our potatoes are now on the classroom window sill "chitting".

We are growing Rocket potatoes, which each class taking part grow, as well as a local variety called Rudolph.

In two weeks time we are due to plant them and so we will update you then.  We would, however, be grateful for any donations of compost. We also hope to take part in the Ware in bloom wheelbarrow competition again next term and so any surplus soil will be used then.

Monday, 27 February 2012

Mystery Gift

In both the story of Mr Popper's Penguins and in the book 365 Penguins, the characters are surprised by a package, which when opened reveals a penguin. Mr Popper knows where his comes from, however in 365 it is a mystery.

Mrs Short and Mrs Matthews both felt this surprise when a package arrived at the School Office last week addressed to Mrs Matthews. Upon opening it, they discovered, it contained a penguin! Fortunately for us this was a soft toy not a live one.

On reading the paperwork which accompanied this penguin, they discovered that a mystery donor had sponsored a penguin and done so in the name of McKee class. We understand this is because they enjoyed reading about the penguin activities on this blog

Despite asking around we have been unable to discover who made this generous gesture and so on behalf of McKee class - Thank you - we appreciate it.

Saturday, 25 February 2012

What can we tell you this week?

McKee class were very excited to be back in school this week and launched into the vehicle topic with gusto. The children have lots of ideas about activities they would like to do and things they would like to learn.

The first one, we took on board, was how to clean cars (as you have already seen). Lots of children talked about being in a car at a car wash at what it was like. We also answered the question of are all trucks shiny.

The role play area is being transformed into a bus, because most children said they have never been on one and they thought it would be exciting to have one in this area. The toy cars have come out and so has the train track. We have been busy making a road for the cars.

We did not get time to tell you, last half term, that we were awarded Henry at the celebration assembly. Mr Cadwallader had the special treat of choosing the weekly winners for this, his last celebration assembly, and we were delighted he chose McKee class from the lower school.  

Mrs Matthews reminded us all of the school uniform policy. Uniform was the "tweak of the week". As you can see in McKee class we do sometimes allow a few extra items during the day as long as you arrive in the correct uniform - these girls added their accessories to get them in the correct frame of mind for writing!

We have enjoyed listening to stories and singing along to songs at our new listening station! The children were surprised to find this in the class when they returned and it has been a popular addition to the reading area.

Thank you for all the transport books that you have sent in for us to share, please keep them coming and any toy vehicles. Also if anyone has a job that is to do with vehicles we would love you to share it with us.

We look forward to telling you a little bit more about our learning in our assembly next week.

Friday, 24 February 2012

Football success!

On Thursday 23rd February Christ Church School football team played Watton-at-Stone School at their home ground.  The team was full of great players; Moris, Joe, Dylan, Cameron, Jake, Sam, Tom and Jordan. 

The team worked brilliantly to score the first goal, scored by Dylan.  After that we were building momentum to score our next goal.  Surprisingly one of their players hand-balled and so we got a penalty, which Moris scored.  Our third goal was amzing.  The ball came up from a corner and Moris jumped up into the air, did an overhead kick right into the top corner.  What a goal! The fourth goal was scored by Tom.  It was a great team goal and Tom kicked the ball with great power and skill into the bottom corner of the goal.

The final score was 4.0 to us!  Unluckily for us Miss Ball promised us a McDonalds if we scored 5 goals.  Oh well, we still made the school proud.

Match report by Dylan and Jake

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Roman Day

Roman Day came to Christ Church School
Reporter: Bella K

On Wednesday 8th of February 2012, Christ Church School celebrated Roman Day with a range of activities.

This is how the day went:

First I followed the children into Fine class, I had a chat with Miss Byrne and she told me the children were learning a song called `Just Like A Roman’. Everyone looked very amazing in their costumes!

Secondly, the children went into the hall. They were marching around learning Roman commands in Latin and English and doing the testudo (in English: tortoise). Mr Cadwallader told everyone to imagine they were still in the army as they marched back to their classrooms.
Thirdly, I went with a small group into Mc Gough class and Mrs Lincoln was making dates, stuffed with raisins drizzled in honey, and salad with tomatoes and lettuce.

Then I stepped into the library and the children were examining replica Samian pottery bowls with Mrs Croft.

For the next activity everyone in Lewis class made Roman coins from clay, with a face on them.

At the end of the day all the classes went into the hall and had a great FEAST and sang ‘Just Like a Roman’ to all the parents!

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

At the car wash

McKee and Carle have started this half term by looking at  the topic of vehicles.

One of the questions asked by a member of McKee class was "How do dirty cars get clean?"

This is one way...

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Roman Day

On February the 8th our school Christ Church had a Roman Day, it was fun, my favourite bit was the banquet. I liked dressing up in a Roman costume, I was a Roman Soldier. We did it because our topic Invaders and Settlers.

My favourite part was making the clay coins and sharing the banquet. We had five activities they were, clay coins, singing, being a Roman Soldier, making food and looking at Roman things and guessing what they are. We have learnt a lot about Romans today and hope to learn more. We made shields to defend ourselves, my shield said legxx on it.

It was a very fun day in cooking we cut up tomatoes and celery, we also got some dates and cut them up and took out the stone and put raisins in them We dipped them in honey and ate them at the banquet.

By Fred D & William H

Saturday, 11 February 2012


Mckee class have gone quite mad about penguins recently. It all started when we read the big book version of The Emperor's egg.

This is a non-fiction book and everyone in the class enjoyed reading it, in small groups, alone or as a class. Everyone liked looking at the illustrations and learning some facts about the Emperor penguin.

It has been in the classroom for a few weeks now and is still one of the most popular books. It also encouraged the children to bring in, from home, penguin books (both fiction and non-fiction) to share with the rest of us. Mrs Matthews did struggle with the copy of Der Pinguin, not being able to read German and so had to resort to talking about the pictures!

Unsurprisingly, the most remembered fact was that when the mummy penguin comes back she is sick into the babies mouth and the baby says "Yum yum!"

Most of the children were surprised that it was the daddy who looked after the egg and everyone was horrified that he had to stand still most of the time and did not eat for 2 whole months!

A friendly penguin came to visit us and was subjected to being measured and washed on a daily basis. His feet, beak, height and flippers were all measured time and time again. We have a tool box in the classroom full of tape measures and rulers. They have never been put to so much use. One afternoon when some members of Carle joined us, they also caught the measuring bug.

He took a trip outside into the snow to welcome the children into school one morning and on another was a perfect model for some observational painting.

Some of the items that came in for Penguin homework.
Can you spot the painted ice cube penguins?
The children drew penguins, wrote about penguins and then, when asked what they wanted for homework that week, wanted more penguins! They were challenged to tell their families what they already knew and to find out at least one new fact about penguins.

During our hall time they wanted to be penguins, and so much waddling, balancing of eggs and huddling took place. The igloo game was also very popular.

We have read quite a few penguin stories, including Penguin Post and Cuddly Dudley. These have satisfied the thirst for penguins, whilst at the same time, helped the class talk about how it felt to have siblings, to want time alone, to feel lonely, what it feels like when a new baby joins the family and best of all how nice a hug is but only when you want one.

The request now is to visit some penguins and to watch Happy feet, that one will have to be put on hold or may even be a good activity for half term! Over to you.

Friday, 10 February 2012

Friday 10th February

School will be open at 10am today.

Please wear sensible footwear and continue to bring warm coats, hats, gloves etc.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Mercury Photograph

Carle and Mckee, each, had a class photograph taken today. The children sat beautifully and did everything the photographer could ask, smile, sit straight, hands in laps etc.

Carle "We said Cheeesssee - it was funny!" and in Mckee we said "Sausages", at which point, one of the members of staff had sudden inspiration of what to cook for her dinner tonight!

The photograph will be printed in the First Class supplement, which will be in the Mercury on March 1st.  (Only children who have permission to be photographed for media purposes where included.)

Tuesday, 7 February 2012


Over the last few days, Mrs Matthews has been told that quite a few Grandparents read this blog, to enjoy catching up with their grandchildren.

McKee class say "Hello, Bonjour, ¡Hola or Guten Tag" and please let us know where you are and what you enjoy reading about on here.

Monday, 6 February 2012

Reception fun in the snow - part 2

You may remember we left our ice art out and wondered if it would still be there. Although most of the ice cubes on the tree had melted, the water tray art was still there, but was covered with a thick layer of snow. We made an igloo and added some small animals and used it was a polar landscape.

When we came indoor we transferred some of this to a tray inside so that we could carry on our adventure. The snow lasted most of the day.

When a lot of the snow had melted we were able to see our ice art. By using spoons we rescued some of the items frozen in the now softer ice and picked them out. Once we mashed up a lot of the snow, we made a pool for the penguins to swim in and ice hills for them to slide down.

We also made hand and footprints in the snow. D - you had to press hard to make the shapes, rolled balls of snow Z- this was fun and we went for a funny snowy walk copying actions. R - I liked walking backward and marching in the snow. I was also a penguin.

Back inside some children used toothpicks to collect the sequins that were hidden in tubs of snow, we looked at the penguin homework and toys, wrote and drew some snowy pictures and words and melted snow with salt.

Mckee class all said they had had a great day and the words amazing, brilliant, lots of fun and the best day ever were said when we sat down to talk about what we had learned today.

Reception fun in the snow - part 1

McKee and Carle enjoyed their day in the snow today. We took part in lots of outdoor learning and had loads of fun at the same time!

The children made a large scale painting by squirting and spraying watered-down paint from squeezy bottles and a plant spray as well as sprinkling powder paint on to the fresh snow.

A - I liked squirting and spreading the paint.
R - I really really liked all the colours.
N - It looked like a big flower.
E - I thought it looked like a firework display.
G - I loved squeezing the paint on the snow because I had never done that before!

We started to build an igloo, by packing snow into a box and building with the bricks. However once we had pretty coloured snow this developed into a magical castle.

H - We had to scoop up the snow and make it into bricks.
Z - It would be cold in an igloo with no roof.
D - We piled the bricks on top of each other.
J - I liked putting the snow in the boxes best.
E - I enjoyed making the colourful igloo castle.

The children used the buckets and spades to make snow castles and shapes such as triangular prisms, cuboids and cylinders. C - Snow castles are a lot easier to make than sand castles.
A polar expedition seemed to take place, with children taking turns to pull each other on a sledge, pointing out the imaginary icebergs, penguins and rivers they encountered. They finally found land and a house!

H - The sledge was bumpy and when it went on the ice.
D - I liked going round and round the boat.
R - I liked it when the sledge was slow best.

We also blew bubbles and were amazed how much easier it was to see their colours against the white of the snow. The children squealed with laughter catching them and those who were beginning to feel the cold suddenly found themselves a lot warmer after running and jumping.

We have so much we want to tell you we will have to come back later with a second post.

A snowy day at school

Today school playtimes were very different due to the snow. All children were able to go outside on the field during playtimes and therefore they were able to create many objects out of the snow. Everyone had a fabulous time in the snow. 

Here are some comments the children made:
We made a giant snowman. - R.J.
We had fun playing in the snow. - E.H.
We made an igloo. - A.D.
We made ice sculptures. - I.S.
We enjoyed making snow angels. I.H.

    By Butterworth Class

Sunday, 5 February 2012


School is expected to be open as usual tomorrow. Travel safely, and wear suitable footwear and outdoor clothing.

If anything changes a parentmail will be sent or you can check the county website or listen to local radio in the morning.

Hopefully everyone has had fun in the snow today, several of the staff and their families did!

Friday, 3 February 2012

Greek New Year

Yianni brought a special cake into Potter class this week. He shared it with his class and made this powerpoint to explain why.

Ice art

McKee were going to tell you about Penguins this week, but the weather took us in a different direction! On Wednesday the class filled ice trays with water, wool and sequins. We left them out over night and they froze.

On Thursday we felt them, looked at them with a magnifying glass and decorated an old tree with them. It was so cold they did not melt all day. The children wanted to make a bigger ice picture. We put water in the water tray, added various items to make a collage and left it over night.

Today, Friday, it was frozen solid and we thought it looked beautiful.

Instead of asking the class for comments for the blog, Mrs Matthews left a clipboard outside and the Mckee class parents wrote comments when they dropped their children off at school this morning.

Here are some:

"What a fantastic idea - the decorations on the tree are beautiful."
"I love the sparkles."
"Very good."
"Great idea! Love the decorations."
"Birds Eye world box very impressive - very pretty, love the tree."
"Very good idea, we may do something at home."
"Very good, perhaps you should move onto ice sculptures next!!
"Very good artwork, very inventive, the tree is my favourite."
"It was good to see it all on the blog and to hear about all the comments from my child. Well done Mckee!!"
"The ice work looks amazing and it looks like they had a great time doing it!"

As we went home our ice was still frozen,
we wonder if it will be still there Monday? 

Emergency 999

Today as part of our emergency 999 topic, Butterworth, Potter and Hargreaves had some special visitors.  PCSO Rachel and Mandy from Ware Police Station came to visit to tell us all about their roles.

We learnt about the clothes they wear.  They wear a high visibility jacket so that they can be seen clearly.  In this jacket they keep a radio which they use to talk to other Police Officers.  We were lucky enough to listen to someone talking over the radio.  Mandy and Rachel also wear strong boots because they do lots of walking.

As part of their job they help to stop people stealing from shops.  They check people are keeping their handbags safe whilst they are shopping.  Mandy and Rachel also talk to the elderly and children in schools.  They help people who have lost things and use the CCTV and town link radio to find out what is happening in the town centre.

We enjoyed listening to Rachel and Mandy and we asked them lots and lots of questions!

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Tolkien Class Maths Challenges

Today Mrs Anstead gave Tolkien Class a set of maths challenges to complete.  The children were asked to work in small groups and complete a challenge and then present their results visually.

The challenges were:

1.    In order to swallow its food a snake can open its jaws five times its normal size.  How wide would you be able to open your mouth if you could do the same?

2.    Cows produce one eighth of their weight in saliva every day.  How much saliva would you produce if you could do the same?

3.    A scarab beetle can lift 850 times its own weight.  What would you be able to lift if you could do the same?

4.    A deer’s antlers can be as wide as three fifths of its whole body length.  If you had antlers of the same scale how big would they be?

The children had lots of fun exploring the challenges.

 "I chose the snake challenge.  My mouth is 7cm wide.  If I could open it in the same way a snake can it would open to 35cm.  This would mean I could put an RE book or Mrs Anstead's head into my mouth.  I really enjoyed this investigation because it was something different." E.S

 "We chose the scarab beetle problem. I weigh 35kg. We multiplied this by 850. This means that I would be able to lift a 29750kg weight. We found out that this is the same as 18 American cars." W.RW

"In my maths lesson I investigated some problems.  My favourite was the problem with the antlers.  We measured our bodies and then divided it my five to find one fifth.  We then times this by three to find three fifths.  My antlers would be 52.3cm long." T.H

"I worked out that if I was a deer my antlers would be 87cm long.  To find this out I measured my height and then divided this by five and then multiplied it by three to find three fifths.  We used paper to find out how big our antlers would be." I.P

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

The Wind Blew

Mckee class enjoyed reading this book and thinking of ways to add to the story. As well as all the things that blew away in the text, we came up our own which included, amongst other things, a book, an alien, a teddy, sunglasses and a cap.

The children chose which character they would like to be and why. Most wanted to be the man with the umbrella because it was funny or the twins who lost their scarves. Olivia wanted to be the man with the "inside-outside out umbrella". The balloon and kite owners were almost as popular.

Luca would read the book again because he liked the pictures and Olivia because she liked the front cover. Naomi would read it lots because it is quite short.

Everyone thought it was a funny story and soon realised that you could predict the next item if you looked carefully at the pictures. They also enjoyed the rhyming text and the fact they could read some of the words.

McKee class recommend this book to anyone who wants "a short story with really good pictures that will make you laugh." Alfie. If you do read it, please let us know what you think.