How to comment

Anyone can read the blog and type a comment about a post.

To add a comment:

1. Click the Comment link at the bottom of the relevant post.

2. Type your message into the box beneath Post a comment. 

beneath Select profile... and choose Name/URL

3. Click where it says Select profile...and choose Name/URL
4. Then type your name into the Edit profile box and click Continue (just ignore the URL bit).
5. Click  Post Comment
6. A random word will appear on the page as a security check. Type that word into the box beneath it then click Post Comment.

That's it. We hope you'll comment soon because the children enjoy seeing your replies.

Dont worry, unless you choose to identify yourself, no one else will know who you are. Even when your comment arrives with us it does not contain an email address or any identifying features (unless you type them in) which is why we check each comment before publishing them to ensure they are suitable.