Friday, 25 September 2015

Pirates - NMM

Keystage One, once again ventured into the realm of Pirates. All three classes visited the National Maritime Museum and found out some more about the life on the sea.

All of the children had a chance to take part in "Pirate School" where they pledged to be all things pirate and learned the dos and don't s of the pirate way of life.
Pirate School

They explored the galleries and looked for items of treasure to draw in their treasure chest and visited the Big map of the world.

Looking for treasure
Ahoy! exploration area proved very popular and here the children had the chance to role place different seafaring activities, such a cooking, mending the boat, stoking the boiler, and so on.

Manning the ship
This is the second time we have visited the museum with KS1 and it proved as popular this time as it did before.

Making music
On the way home we were also able to catch a glimpse of the majestic Cutty Sark. The children very delighted to see a "Real pirate type ship".



Exploring the world

When asked about the trip the children all said it was fun and they enjoyed it.

I loved this trip - Alice
The pirate lady was scary - Chloe
I can be scary and make a pirate face - Oscar
Ahoy! was amazing - Isabella