Sunday, 29 March 2015

Charanga - Singing

Charanga music has proved very popular with the pupils and staff. Here is a quick look at some of the Year 1 children singing a verse from their most recent unit. They have been learning how to stand to sing and how to project their voices.This is an ongoing process, but they are doing well.

Easter in Reception

McKee class and Carle class have been very busy getting ready for Easter. Here are two of their recent projects.

Easter nests

Easter baskets

KS1 Dinosaurs

As you know, our topic this half term is based around Dinosaurs. We will tell you about our trip to the NHM, once they children have written their recounts. However we have a few things we can share with you.

These eggs arrived in the classroom and we watched patiently, for several weeks for them to hatch....and when they did we had baby dinosaurs! 

We have also been searching in the sand to see if we can discover any hidden objects...

We have measured and compared the dinosaur footprints that appear, overnight, in the role play area...

In Butterworth Class, quite a few Dinosaurs have taken up residence and have enjoyed watching the class learn... 

and we have shared some of our learning, with the rest of the school, in the corridor.

Look out for our recount of the trip - coming next week!

Golden stars

Our value this month is Joy. 

These six children wanted to share their joy at getting a golden star and asked if they could put a photo on the blog for Mrs Vaughan to see, as well as their family and friends. So here it is!

Friday, 20 March 2015


This half term has seen KS1 learning about adventure! 

We had looked at some famous people who were not afraid of adventure and consequently made significant changes to the world. Bear Grylls, Ellen McArthur, Christopher Columbus, George Stephenson amongst others.

We also spent sometime comparing our school in Ware with our twinned school in Chessay Ma Jaw.

Potter has a visit from the school penguins, who stayed in their role play area for a few weeks and Butterworth enjoyed a "pretend" campfire and a real tent in theirs.

Stickman was the main focus of our Literacy and we re-told his story and then added in our own adventures for him. We then totally re-wrote the story using our own characters and adventures.

We will be visiting the Natural History Museum, next half term to meet an adventurer "Dino Dan", who will tell us about his life as an explorer and palaeontologist.

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Chauncy Mathalon 2015

This afternoon four children from Year 5 took part in the annual Chauncy Mathalon maths competition.  The children took part in a computer maths game task, a maths relay (which involved some really difficult problem-solving) and a team event. Seven other schools took part in the competition.

                        Frankie, Isabel, Zoe and Toby proving that maths gives you a big appetite!

The children were a credit to themselves, their families (who came to watch) and their school for their team spirit, perseverance, resilience and determination - and many more Christ Church values.  They competed magnificently and came a very close second in the end, losing out on first place by a mere five points - the closest result in years we were told.  Well done Year 5 - you should be so proud of your achievement!