Saturday, 30 May 2015

EYFS music

Inkpen, Carle and McKee love singing and have always done lots of it! This year they have joined the rest of the school in using Charanga and have followed their own units, learning some new songs and enjoying familiar old favourites. The children have enjoyed themselves and the staff say it has been fun. They have also made use of the instruments.

Thank you to the PSA who have bought a few new musical items for these three classes. This ensures that they have got instruments that fit their smaller hand size and the children can be hands on in their music making and learn about and use percussion instruments, as and when they wish, without having to check the timetable to see if another class in the school is using the music trolley.

The first items have arrived. Each class now has a "singing sack". These contain instruments, fabric and puppets. Mckee class were very excited when they were shown theirs and are looking forward to using it.

Saturday, 23 May 2015

Thank you Year 6!

Thank you so much to the children in Year 6 who made my stay at Kingswood so memorable. It was great to spend time with children who are a credit to our school. You are caring, friendly, understanding, fun young people that look after each other very well. I remember teaching some of you when you were in Year 1, as my first class, and am very proud to see how brave and courageous you have become. You took part in so many activities with a 'have a go' attitude whilst encouraging others. Many activities involved problem solving and team work, which you worked together to achieve. It was great to see the many different skills, talents and interests that you all have as individuals. The Kingswood leaders also commented on how much they enjoyed working with you and it was a pleasure to be part of that. I believe that you will all go on to do great things and be very successful in all that you do in the future.

Thank you again and best wishes.


Miss Clark :-)

Leaving Kingswood 22.05.15

Children's comments about Kingswood

I really enjoyed Kingswood! I conquered soooo many of my fears, that I would never do. I loved that we got to share a room with all of our friends. Every leader from Kingswood is really happy and helps you through your fears.

I found Kingswood very enjoyable as we all had fun and did things we have never done before.

I found Kingswood amazing as we did loads of different activities that we haven't done before.

I really enjoyed Kingswood, as we did fun things everyday. My favourite thing was the zip wire and the abseiling.

Kingswood has been so much fun. I enjoyed all the activities. My favourite was the zip wire because you went really fast down the wire. I have conquered so many fears and tried some things that I have never done before.

I have really enjoyed staying at Kingswood. I tried all the activities. My favourite things were the zip wire and leap of faith. When I did the leap of faith, I climbed up quickly and grabbed the bar, it was awesome! On the zip wire it felt like you were flying. I also enjoyed the beach especially splashing in the waves.

Kingswood was a great experience. I have enjoyed it a lot and my favourite activity was the zip wire. At first it was scary, but once I jumped off, I was fine. I loved going to the beach and seeing what Norfolk was like.

Kingswood is a lovely fun place. It is very fun. My favourite activity was go karting. I did it in 19 seconds and the best was 15 seconds. The beds and food are the best part. You also get very muddy going around the cave. Kingswood is also right next to the sea so you can smell a load of fish and chips. I experienced things I never thought I'd do.

There is a thing called "Leap of Faith", where you climb a big ladder and then at the top, you jump on to a pole and slide down. Please check it out when you get here.

I was (and still am) scared of heights but I conquered the leap of faith. I'm very proud of myself as I got the bar with one hand.

On Wednesday 20th May I went on the zip wire. It was very scary at first but at the end it was very good.

During the disco there were lots of people, schools, dance battles and lipstick!

Kingswood is really fun. I have joined in every activity, but I was a bit scared on the leap of faith.

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Low ropes at Kingswood

The children had fun working together as a team on the low ropes. They even had to try to get around the course with a cup of water!

Children's comments about Kingswood

It was fun den building this morning. Mrs Matthews got wet when we tested if it was waterproof.

Yesterday I went on the leap of faith. It was really fun! I made it onto the hanging bars.

Yesterday, we did the 'dreaded leap of faith. In our group all of the boys and Miss Armour did it!

Yesterday I did the leap of faith. I wobbled the pole so much.

Yesterday I did the leap of faith, the pole was so wobbly all the boys in our group did it first time.

I did the zip wire today and it was fun, except when he told me to jump off of the edge.

I'm really enjoying Kingswood so far :-)

I have really enjoyed Kingswood so far and I can't wait for the rest of the time.

Today we did the zip wire. It was so much fun! You shoot down the line super fast and then go back to the middle where you follow a series of instructions to get down. Once again it's so fun!

Today, Group K did the zip line. We had to wear loads of safety equipment to make sure we were safe and didn't fall off. Once we were done we had to drop a rope so the man could stop the zip line when it was in the middle. Then you had to pull a lever to let our selves  down. It was so fun!!!!!

Yesterday we did the leap of faith where you climb a pole that has foot and hand ledges. At the top there is a small, square, wobbly platform and you have to jump and catch a bar. I didn't reach the bar but I climbed all the way up and jumped, but lots of people did! It was scary and fun at the same time!!!

So far Kingswood has been really fun! We have done bouldering, which is rock climbing but across. We also did the leap of faith where I caught the bar, long ropes which is a themed obstacle course, zip line which went really fast, and so much more! It's easily the best school trip ever!

I have enjoyed Kingswood so far. My favourite activity was the 'Leap of faith' and the zip wire as they were both equally fun!!!!

The leap of faith was amazing! Also the zip wire was awesome. The shop is pretty cool with sweets!

I liked eating sweets and staying up late. Also I liked the leap of faith.

I really liked the zip wire. It was super fun! It seemed scary but honestly it wasn't.

Everything is really fun. I really liked the zip wire.

I'm having an amazing time, it's been so fun, especially the zip wire and aero ball. I also completed leap of faith!

Kingswood is amazing! There's so much to do! I especially liked the zip wire and the aeroball. I completed the leap of faith!!!! It's been sooooo much fun.