Friday, 12 October 2012


'A' team
Thursday 11th October. The 'A' team played their first match of the season, against St. Mary’s. The match started off ok, and then the first goal came. 1-0 to St. Mary’s. Then another goal just before half time, 2-0.
Second half, we were trying our hardest to get back a goal, but St. Mary’s were too good. Then before you know it more goals came and we were losing 4-0…5-0…6-0…7-0 finally 8-0 to St. Marys! We all tried our hardest to score but they were just too good for us. Man of the Match – Thomas J No.11
Written by Liam H and Thomas J – Horowitz Class
'B' team
On Thursday, Christ Church played St. Mary’s. The ‘B Team’ in football won 1-3. It was an amazing performance. We scored the first goal (Jake A).
It was very difficult for our manager (Mr Price) to coach two teams at once but we had another dad step in to manage our B Team (thank you Mr Bradshaw).
We then came in with another goal (Edward B). At half time I came on as a defender. St. Mary’s scored their first goal but we got one more to make it 1-3. Aidan R who was our goalkeeper got ‘Man of the Match’.
Written by Nathan B – Horowitz Class

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