Monday, 29 October 2012


A few weeks ago Mrs Matthews received a package in school from the website Twinkl, it was a recordable artwork canvas that had been sent to her to try out with her class. Since there are 30 members of the class and there was only one canvas, we waited for a chance to create a class project.
The end of The Great Fire of London topic proved just the inspiration we needed and so two children drew the bakery shop and everyone else used the paints provided to add flames to it. As a way of signing it each child used a fingerprint to make part of the road.
We then had great fun working out how to record the class singing "London's burning" and once we found out how to open the battery compartment and switched the picture to record, the class sang beautifully and we now have a permanent remind of our first topic this year.
Our finished painting
The children had lots of fun with this and it was a lovely added extra,  but probably has more value as an individual activity that a class one and would make a lovely gift for a grandparent.
The finished canvas now hangs on the classroom wall and so thank you Twinkl for asking us to try this out and any visitors to Hargreaves class feel free to press the button and listen to our singing!

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  1. How lovely! We're so glad you liked our present! Lots of love Twinkl :)