Friday, 26 October 2012


Netball A Team (Home game) – 25th October 2012
Captain Annabelle H
CC won the first toss and opted for first centre pass. The team were spectacular Emily M showed some amazing defending as GD. At half time the score was3-3. Second half CC pulled together and the team were incredible. Lottie B as Centre held the team together and intercepted some amazing passes. Again Bengeo fielded a complete Year 6 team; the final score was 6-8 to Bengeo.
 Netball B Team (Home game) – 25th October 2012
Captain Hermione H
Bengeo won the toss but let Christ Church have first centre. From the start Bengeo were a much stronger team (we even questioned if they were playing their A Team not their B Team!). Bengeo were made up of a full Year 6 squad and at half time unfortunately Christ Church were losing 10-0.Christ Church put up a gallant fight and managed a goal. The final score was 17-1 but Christ Church B Team showed great sportsmanship and worked so well as a team.

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  1. A really tough game, the hardest team to play, and you did so well and never gave up. Well done!