Friday, 13 July 2012

Chariots of Fire

On Wednesday Year 3 classes watched the film Chariots of Fire following our Olympic themed lessons, and created an Olympic folder for their work. The film is about Eric Liddell, who faced a personal crisis in the 1924 Olympics, when his heat was scheduled on a Sunday. Liddell made the difficult decision not to run because of his religious beliefs. 

Episode image for Eric Liddell - from Chariots of Fire to World War II

The pupils considered the choice that Liddell made, and how your faith can affect your decisions. They observed how the Olympics have changed, such as all athletes wearing white and not their country colours as we see today. The races were very different to what we are used to, as the athletes run on grass and the winner runs through a piece of string across the finish line. They felt that the 1924 Olympics were more formal, but that interestingly the opening ceremony had remained much  the same.

The classes designed their own front covers for the folders, depicting aspects of the Olympics. They created patterns using the Olympic ring design and illustrated the cover with images of different events and the Olympic torch, which some pupils had been lucky enough to see!

Kealie Mardell
Volunteer Assistant

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