Thursday, 16 March 2017

Billy Bunny rescues the treasure

As part of Science week, Hargreaves class, welcomed Mrs Walker and Billy Bunny into our class. Mrs Walker explained that the children needed to help Billy get his treasure back from the monster. To do this they had to complete four tasks!


First, to enable Billy to cross the moat, the children investigated which materials would float and therefore be a good choice for a boat.

Then, they had to use the secret code to open the gates. The code was a well known tune, however we did not have any instruments in the room and so the children had to work out which items made high, low and middle sounds. Then they played the tune....phew they cracked the code and the gates opened. Thank you Mrs Wake for helping crack the code.


Next, they encountered a monster. The only way to pass him, was to feed him enough food, to send him to sleep. This monster only ate items which had once been alive and he did not like being tricked and so the items needed to be sorted and only items that had once been alive put into his lunchbox! With the help of Mrs Anstead they successfully sent him to sleep. 

Finally, they were able to collect the treasure, tinned carrots, but only after they had worked out the best surface to move the treasure over. They could push or pull over two different surfaces and made their predictions before testing their theory.

Well done Hargreaves, your were super science detectives and all deserve your reward sticker!


Alice: - It was fun because I liked making the noise with the pots and pan. We opened the gate!

Molly:- I liked the instruments best because it was noisy.

Gregor:- I liked opening the gate by playing a tune.

Braedan:- I liked testing the objects out to see if they would float so we know if they could be a boat or not.

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