Saturday, 30 May 2015

EYFS music

Inkpen, Carle and McKee love singing and have always done lots of it! This year they have joined the rest of the school in using Charanga and have followed their own units, learning some new songs and enjoying familiar old favourites. The children have enjoyed themselves and the staff say it has been fun. They have also made use of the instruments.

Thank you to the PSA who have bought a few new musical items for these three classes. This ensures that they have got instruments that fit their smaller hand size and the children can be hands on in their music making and learn about and use percussion instruments, as and when they wish, without having to check the timetable to see if another class in the school is using the music trolley.

The first items have arrived. Each class now has a "singing sack". These contain instruments, fabric and puppets. Mckee class were very excited when they were shown theirs and are looking forward to using it.

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  1. Wow! Thank you, I shall enjoy using the music sack with my class. I am sure the children are very excited too :-)