Thursday, 8 March 2012

The wheels on the bus

Last week in Mckee class we were fortunate enough to have some of the children's parents join us after our assembly. Whilst in the classroom many noticed our role play area and one dad in particular commented on it. He also happened to own a big red bus! (An RT1206 to be precise.)

The day was set and today Carle, McKee and Inkpen were able to hop on board and experience sitting in a bus that was built in 1949.

We had made our own tickets and H was ready as our ticket collector, but the bus owner also had a ticket machine and some of us were able to purchase real tickets.

The children loved going on the bus and were amazed at how big the wheels were,  they were surprised that Mrs Matthews knew how to ring the bell and what the mirrors on the stairs were for. It was also surprising that the floor was made of wood.

Wow, we are so high up

Steep stairs and a magic mirror!

How big are the wheels?

I wonder where Chigwell is, Mrs Matthews did not mention there!

Where did the door go?
and off we go!
They loved looking under the bus, around the bus, climbing the steep and windy stairs and wondered where the door at the back was. They laughed when Mrs Matthews told them she used to go to school on a very similar bus and that some of her children's books at home, still offer up the tickets which were placed as bookmarks on journeys long ago.

Thank you so much to the RT1206 preservation group, we loved your bus and wish we could have stayed longer, especially Mrs Matthews who was reminded of being little again!


  1. Gosh - what a fabulous experience. I remember sitting on those old style buses when I was a child in Derby back in the 1960's.

    We also visited the London Transport Museum in Covent garden last year. Well worth a visit if you haven't already been.

    Move along please, Move along!!

  2. I got a big suprise when I saw the bus driving onto the playground. It was the type of bus that I used to get on to go to London.

  3. My ticket collector loved it what a great thing to see, a little bit of London history

  4. Thank you Mrs Matthews for arranging this treat. The children got so much out of it. My own now wants to go on a bus ride. I am not sure a modern bus will live up to your Big red bus though.

  5. Thank you Mrs Matthews for sharing the pictures of the children enjoying their time on the bus. It was nice to check in and see my daughter having such a great experience.

    It also made me feel my age a little looking at that bus. I used to go to school on one of those... it brought back memories!

  6. Rhona Middleton5 April 2012 at 10:58

    What a great day, my daughter loved going on the bus. Thank you for arranging this for them!