Thursday, 29 December 2011

Thank You

Our chalk tree
Mrs Matthews would like to say thank you for all the lovely gifts and cards McKee class gave to her for Christmas. My family have been enjoying eating the sweets and biscuits ever since!

I hope you had a lovely time with your friends and families and are enjoying playing with your presents. Don't forget to give your family the items you made and took home at the end of term. Everyone should have a variety of pictures, stamp designs, the posted card, decorations and a selection of the following...

A fingerprint tree
A hot air balloon calender
A Nativity door hanger
A Christmas cross
Two tree decorations
An Advent wreath
I hope you have already given your family their Christmas card.

This angel is special you see;
because she is a part of me.
Her wings are my hands
her body my feet.
I hope you agree she is very sweet
Enjoy the rest of Christmas time and have a happy New Year.
I will see you in 2012 - our first topic is weather.

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