Wednesday, 9 November 2011

The elephant escaped from the circus

by Naomi (Reception)

Eleanor in year 5 wrote a play using the ideas that we came up with. We rehearsed in our own time. We showed it to Mrs Vaughan and it was decided that we could show it to the younger children.

The story was based around a circus and we were the acts, trapeze artist, tight rope walker, clown, dogs, a seal, an elephant and a gymnast.  We asked the audience to help wash Nellie the elephant, the seal and try to hula hoop. Alex was good at the hoop, got a big clap from the audience.

We enjoyed doing this and would like to do another one. We had some back up characters as well. We felt it was a huge success and the foundation stage and Key stage 1 children looked like they enjoyed it. McKee class drew some pictures

by Rebecca (Reception)

Written by Sarah, Mollie, Eleanor, Faba and Charlie (year 5)


  1. It sounds like everyone had good fun. What a great way for the older children to encourage the younger children to take part.

  2. Peer teaching is definately the way forward. My daughter is in McKee reception class and came home talking about the play. Well done year 5 girls and lovely pictures Rebecca and Naomi.

  3. Verey good pic from the girls