Friday, 7 October 2011

Harvest week in Reception

McKee and Carle started their week and ended it with Harvest festivals!

On Monday we joined the rest of the school in church and celebrated together. We took with us  a basket of tomatoes which had been grown in our outdoor area.

The theme of the service was saying "Thank you" and so McKee class made a thank you poster for the kitchen staff who prepare and serve the food to us in school during the week. The children took it with them to lunch and presented it that day.

They also made thank you cards during literacy and made a list of as many people they could think of who are involved in getting food to our tables including farmers, shops, lorry drivers etc.

The week ended with a the Toddler service, once again in Christ Church. The church very kindly invite us to this every year and let us join in their celebrations. Many of the children previously attended this service with their parents before they joined school and so loved going back.

During the service we used all of our senses and enjoyed tasting different foods, smelling and touching items and using our ears and eyes to take part in the service. The chocolate was our favourite taste closely followed by grapes and most of us did not like smelling the coffee!

At the end we were all given a magnet to take home to remind us to say thank you to God for providing us with a huge variety of food and drink.

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