Saturday, 28 February 2015

Charanga Assembly

On Thursday, we held a different type of celebration assembly. Usually we share and celebrate the achievements and efforts made all across the whole curriculum, however this week we focused on Music!

Each class was invited to perform, using the Charanga Musical Unit they have been studying. The children had the opportunity to perform as part of an ensemble and some performed solo. 

It was very exciting to hear the different pieces and to witness the progression from reception through to Year 6. The children have gained a lot of experience and skills in the last term and a half. 

It was particularly encouraging to see the glockenspiels being used by almost every class and to see, and hear, how well they are being played.

This is the second of these special assemblies we have held and it was just as impressive as the first. I am quite sure the third one, in the summer, will see even more amazing performances and that those who have not yet had their turn to perform will be able meet the very high expectations that have been set this time.

In the words of the children: -

K - I liked standing up to sing it was a bit scary but fun!
R - The glockenspiels sounded really good.
E - I liked listening to all the other classes, but also enjoyed taking part and playing the glockenspiel.
E - Hargreaves singing was really good and funny, some of us joined in!
S - The little children (Carle and McKee) were very brave to sing on stage.
K - I liked it when Mrs Adams used the lolly sticks.

Thank you to all the children and staff for a fantastic and very entertaining assembly.

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