Sunday, 8 February 2015


As you already know, from reading their newsletter, the PSA, very kindly agreed to fund 20 Glockenspiels for the school. These arrived in school at the beginning of term. 

The need arose, because we have invested in a new way of teaching music and are delivering it through Charanga. 

This half term, three years groups were engaging in a unit of study that introduced them to tuned percussion instruments and access to a Glockenspiels was required. 

Alongside this, the units covered in the remaining year groups, had an option for using a tuned percussion instrument, for which the glockenspiels were obviously ideal.

As the weeks have gone on, their use has been obvious - a timetable was requested to ensure all classes got a chance to play them, music could be heard when walking past classrooms, a KS1 golden time activity saw children using Glockenspiels as a reward and both Carle and Hargreaves demonstrated their abilities on them in their respective class assembly.

Hopefully, as time progresses, and funds allow, we will be able to purchase other tuned instruments and the children will be able to experience a wider variety, but for now the Glockenspiels are a great hit!

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