Wednesday, 20 June 2012

McKee Potato Crop

Yesterday McKee class harvested their potato crop. The children had great fun grubbing around in the soil and seeing how the potatoes nestled amongst the roots of the plant. "look, look I can see one, no two...Mrs Matthews we have grown them look wow!" They were very excited.

About to harvest the Rudolph variety

About to harvest the Rocket variety
We planted two different varieties and everyone was amazed by the vibrant red colour of the Rudolph variety. We weighed the potatoes and have entered our scores into the competition.

Grubbing amongst the roots

Look at those leaves
Digging for victory
This has been a fascinating project for McKee class. Through it we have learned about the weather, seasons, potatoes and how to care for plants. We have got our hand dirty (always popular!) pulling up the final crop and have counted, weighed and looked at the different sizes of the potatoes.We also saw a few rotten ones.

White rocket

Counting and weighing the red Rudolph variety
All that is left to do now is eat them! I wonder what we will cook this time?

736g of Rocket

609gof Rudolph

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  1. How interesting. What an great project and what an wonderful colour those potatoes are. Well done McKee class.