Monday, 18 June 2012

Maths in McKee

As you know we are having a Maths inspection tomorrow and so we thought you may like to see some of the maths activities we have undertaken in McKee class (similar to when we told you about our writing activities); it is hard to know what to choose from all the cooking, building, playing, calculating, measuring and investigating we have done this year, but here is a sample chosen by the class.

Working with 3D shapes

Ordering numbers

Learning about time

Measuring our heads to make our crown fit and decorating them with shapes.

Sorting using our own criteria

Making patterns


Investigating symmetrical items

Number and pattern

Repeating patterns

Using numbers in everyday situations - hopscotch


Indoor number games

Using money and timetables

Using a sand timer to measure time on bikes.

Number rhymes

Addition and subtraction


How many?


Number recognition games

How tall?

How many jumps in a minute?

Data collection - who liked which mash.


Measuring feet to make paper shoes

Play dough activities

Addition and subtraction

Dividing in half
Groups of numbers

Outdoors maths

Goodness me,  we have been busy and tomorrow will see the children using the play-dough that they made today.


  1. Wow, what great activities.

  2. You have been busy McKee class! Well done looks like lots of fun has been had by everyone.

  3. Thank you for your comments. Maths is fun and we have enjoyed it. Today we used our maths skills when harvesting our potato crop. Look out for that blog post.

  4. I was amazed to see how much you managed to do around maths with the children. Lots of fun activities. McKee class looks like an exciting and interesting class to be in.

    I loved the potatoes great idea.

    McKee class is also getting famous being featured in the Mercury for the Africa project.

    Well done to McKee Class and the staff involved with McKee class making their education exciting. Thank you.