Wednesday, 6 June 2012

McKee Bug Club Reviews

When McKee class trialled Bug club, Mrs Matthews asked the parents and children to share their thoughts on the scheme and promised to share these with you. Now Bug Club is up and running we thought it was about time we did this.

Parent Pros:
·         Children love using the computer and so this is a great encouragement
·         Children love the interactive nature
·        Helps with interpretation, context and inference
·         My child enjoys the rewards
·         My children find it easy to navigate
·         My child likes being able to log on and use it herself.
·        My child particularly enjoys getting the reward sticker in her online scrapbook
·       They want to read more to collect the rewards and so it has encouraged her to read more than she normally would.
·        My child loves reading the page and then listening to the audio to self correct
·        Excellent concept that encouraged her to read
·        Books and questions are just the right level for my child.

Parent Cons:
·       Not as easy to share with your child as a book because you can not sit side by side and need your child on your lap
·       Could not access it from the children’s computer. Think it needs the latest flashplayer because it worked on ours.
·       Child was distracted by the fact he was reading on a computer
·       We did not find it obvious as to what was expected from the child
·       Child does not need to read, they can just listen to the audio

Parent Other:
·       Simple and effective as long as it is used along side homework and hard copy reading.
·      My child prefers the e-books because she “gets to do more things”; I prefer actual books and so this combination is ideal!
·       Doesn’t add value over a hard copy book and so I would only use those.
·       My son wants to use bug club as soon as he gets home from school. He loves it
·       We liked bug club as an addition to real books.
·      My child loves everything about Bug club from logging in, typing the password, using the mouse and answering the questions.

  • Zachary said he likes choosing the characters and the books are better than the others he takes home
  • Rimini thinks that it is exciting and she likes doing the quiz after reading
  • Daniel enjoyed using it with his Daddy and the other Daniel loves getting the rewards and answering the questions.
  • Grace and Evie enjoy reading the books with their Mummy and answering the quiz
  • Jessica thought it was fun and read lots and lots of books.
  • Emily, Luca, Rebecca and Eloise all enjoyed the books they had and liked to look at their reward stickers.
Some of you have asked about the reward scheme - In the foundation stage, every time your child gets 20 points they will get a virtual reward sticker (this is different other years, for example, in year 1 it is 30 points and a tree house article and in year 2 it is 70 points and involves an egg hatching!)

All of McKee class now have a full compliment of books, happy reading.

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