Thursday, 21 June 2012

Family Forum - Mexico

At Christ Church we have four houses, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John; each house is also divided into three "family groups". Every so often we hold a family forum - this is where each of the family groups meet together with their member of staff and discuss something about the school or prepare for a school event.

The family groups have children from each year group in from nursery to year 6. Today we met to prepare for sports day. Each family group has been assigned a country and so we learnt a little bit about our country and made flags ready for the day.

One of the Mark family groups were particularly fortunate! Our country is Mexico and we got first hand accounts of life in Mexico. Mrs Parker, one of our governors, is Mexican and grew up in Mexico City, and we also have a visiting student in school - Lisa - who is usually found in Mexico City but is staying with Mrs Parker and her family; between them they gave us an interesting and exciting account of life in Mexico.

We found out that dogs are the most popular pet, food is tasty and spicy, children start school at 6 years old and attend the same school until they are 13 when they transfer to a second school for 3 years and then their last school for a further 3 years. We know that wrestling in masks is a popular sport and that bull fighting was invented in Mexico, not Spain. (Neither of our guests were proud of this fact!)

We found out what the emblem in the middle of the flag stands for, what the colours mean and that Mexicans love colour and music. We know that Mexican children like to play with hand made toys and a particular type of spinning top is a favourite.

We would like to thank Mrs Parker and Lisa for being so open about their lives and for being willing to answer all of our questions. Thank you.

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  1. How lovely that you were able to talk to some one from the real country. Much better than anything from a text book. I am not sure if this involved my grand child but I know this is her teacher and so thought I would comment