Saturday, 5 May 2012

Non uniform day for The Gambia

Last week we held a non uniform day and invited the staff and children of our school, to donate £1 and to come to school dressed in the colours of the Gambian flag - Red, Green, Blue and White.

We are pleased to say that almost everyone took part. We raised a grand total of £271.27. Well done everyone. It was great to see how everyone incorporated the colours into their outfits, even down to co-ordinating hair ribbons!

The individual classes are already planning their own fund raising ideas and so far the list contains a Pyjama day, a quiz (with a prize of tickets to Paradise wildlife park) and a sponsored silence!

Some of our reception children
Now for the the maths bit :
1) If the lamps and a set of batteries coast £2.50 each. How many will we be able to buy with the £271.27 we have raised so far?

2) There are 75 children in The Gambian nursery class. How many will get a lantern and will there be any lanterns left over? If so how many?

3) There are an additional 350 children in the main school. How much more money do we need to raise to provide a lantern for each of them? (Remember there may be some money to carry over after providing the 75 lanterns for the nursery.)

Mrs Matthews challenges the pupils of the school to work out these real life problems and leave their answers as a comment below.

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