Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Ark Farm

Mckee, Carle and Inkpen had a very exciting and interesting day today. We were visited by Ark Farm and we got to meet many different animals.

When the farm arrived at school we were really excited and enjoyed watching them set up. We then each got a chance to visit the animals and Tam told us lots of interesting facts.

We saw how water just rolls off a ducks back and
were surprised how soft the feathers were.
We met and stroked a pony.
We found out the difference between
hens and cockerels.

We were fascinated by how thick the
wool on the sheep was.
The coat on this sheep was a lot shorter.
The goat liked to climb things.
The piglets were 4 weeks old and very cheeky!
We were interested in the webbed feet of the geese.
We all loved petting the farm dog.
We washed our hands (thoroughly) and got a sticker.
We had our picnic.
                                    We waved good-bye.
We had the most amazing time and the children loved the fact they got to handle so many different animals and learn all about them.

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  1. Emily had a wonderful day and she was able to show me the animals with this tool. Thanks