Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Light and Dark

Yesterday KS1 were able to participate in a Light and Dark workshop.  During this time children got to play with shadow puppets and light up toys, make kaleidoscopes, find a button in a light tent followed by a dark tent, use periscopes and shine torches on mirrors which showed reflection.  Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Here are some comments the children made:
  • I liked going into the dark tent because I enjoyed being in the dark. (S.L)
  • I enjoyed making the kaleidoscope because of the patterns that they create when made. (E.R)
  • It was fun finding the button in the light tent. (A.S)
  • I was amazed by how some of the light up toys worked. (B.H.S)
  • I liked seeing all of the patterns created when the torch was shined on the mirrors. (E.H)
  • I loved everything! (I.S)

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