Friday, 2 March 2012

McKee class assembly

Today, McKee class held our second assembly. The children wanted to share their learning about weather and about books. We also showed some of the photographs of the children playing and learning when it snowed and we introduced "our" penguin to the school. Each group chose one of the books that we have read in class. The four books chosen were:-
  • The Emperor's Egg by Martin Jenkins
  • Peace at Last by Jill Murphy
  • The Wind Blew by Pat Hutchins
  • Noah's Ark by Lucy Cousins
Every child wrote their own sentence (or two) to say about the book and then learnt it. Many parents commented  on how lovely it was to hear the narration in their own child's style!

We also shared some of the art work which the children have produced to go with each book.The class also performed some of the weather songs they have learnt this term.
  • Incy wincy spider
  • Pray open your umbrella
  • I hear thunder
  • The wise man
  • Mr Noah built an Ark
We ended with a few thank you prayers for God. Afterwards we were delighted to welcome so many parents, grandparents and baby brothers to our phonic lesson and then our Child Initiated Learning session.

This is what the class had to say when reviewing their morning.

E and Z both liked their Mummy come to watch their assembly.
C, G and A liked being in the assembly
E enjoyed saying her words and hearing what other people said.
E liked making a rocket with her mummy.
O liked having her Mummy and Daddy come into her classroom to join in.
J liked showing her picture.
G loved singing all the songs and thought we sang well.
N enjoyed her Mummy joining us in class and saying her words on stage.
R liked saying her words and seeing the photos on the screen.
A and L liked saying their words - quickly!
A loved singing the songs.
D and M enjoyed making boats outside with Mrs Johnson.
H liked her mummy watching her and being able to make a rocket with her.
O was pleased her mummy came to watch her playing.
M was happy his baby brother saw him at school.
T was glad her Daddy came in.
D was very excited that his Mummy clapped a lot at the end.
R  liked showing her Mummy her work and the singing songs.

Thank you for joining us today, we thoroughly enjoyed sharing our morning with you.


  1. Well done McKee. I really enjoyed your assembly and sharing your morning. It was lovely that you ALL spoke and took part and I thought you did an amazing job. Well done. So confident and beautifully behaved.

  2. As grandparents we enjoyed seeing all the children perform in the assembly. They were well prepared and able to relate their learning to the things they infomed us of. Great singing as well.