Friday, 2 March 2012

This week in Carle Class

In Carle Class this week we have been learning about cars. We have been pretending to be mechanics in our role play area which has been a garage. 

As we have been learning about cars, we have brought in some of our own toy cars and books to share and created a display in our classroom. 

 This week we have read Mr Gumpy's Motor Car. 

'Mr Gumpy was going for a ride in his motor car, the boy and the girl and all the animals asked to go too!

Outside we decided to create a train to take us on a journey. We used tyres, crates and chairs to make our train. We decided that we needed tickets to go on our train and gave the passengers books to read on their train journey. 

Some of us used the chalks to create a track for the train. 

'We had a great time building our train.'

Also this week we have been continuing to wash cars at the 'car wash'. All of our rideons are now very clean and shiny


  1. Lots of busy children in Carle class!

  2. Wow, what fun you've all been having in Carle Class, loved reading about all your exciting activities!