Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Ugly Bug Ball

Today McKee class rounded up their Minibeast topic by holding an Ugly Bug Ball. This was a way to bring together the six areas of the early years curriculum and have fun at the same time. This is what they say about making the food:-

"I liked making the jelly, it was delicious. I liked putting the worms in the jelly. I liked pouring the jelly.The butterfly cakes were good and the icing tasty. I liked being able to lick my fingers when I had finished icing the cakes. I enjoyed putting sprinkles on my cake. It was fun putting sweets on the biscuits. I liked icing the biscuits."

The children wrote an invitation to their learning partner, decorated an information letter for their parents, made hats and chose a name for themselves using alliteration e.g Ellie Earwig or Ben Butterfly. They also decorated a welcome banner and decided we would play games and dance.

After lunch everyone got changed into their ballgowns, party clothes and bug costumes. We then walked around the school grounds before presenting ourselves at the door of the Ballroom (our classroom). Mrs Johnson helped the guests line up, Ms Wood officially announced each guest and Mrs Matthews checked their invite and took their photograph. Then the Ball began.

Worm jelly, butterfly cake and spider biscuit
"We played lots of fun games. I loved the dancing. We played a colour game and musical statues. We played a game with Blue Dog. We danced. We hunted for a toy. We played 'famer in his den'. We sang songs. We had a tea of cake and biscuit and jelly and a drink. It was the best party ever!"

The children showed lovely table manners as they sat and ate together and thoroughly enjoyed playing traditional party games. They used their knowledge of minibeasts to prepare for the party and then enjoyed a sociable time together before we break up for the summer.

Mrs Matthews, Mrs Johnson and Ms Wood would like to thank the children for making the Ball such good fun and in the words of one member of the class "This was the best day ever!"

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