Monday, 18 July 2011

Walton-on-the-Naze by Dylan Barker Year 2


On Tuesday 12th of July KS1 went to Walton- on-the-Naze as part of their topic.

When we arrived , we went to the toilet and washed our hands ready to have our lunch. In my lunch I had a chease sandwich, grapes, raisans, whatsits, a fruit shoot and a froob.

Setting off
After I had my lunch, we started walking down the promenarde. Next I had an ice-lolly.The ice-lolly was called a mister bubble, it made my tung go very blue. Everyone was amazed how blue my tung was.

On the beach
When I had finished my ice-lolly, I went down to the beach where the rest of kS1 were. First I started to make a hole. It got bigger and bigger. After 2 minutes we had made it into a stream. We put lots of water in it. After we had found the water we made a bridge over it.

Leaving the beach
After that I started walking back to the coach and started playing with the parachute then we walked back to the coach to set off back to school.

I had a fantastic day at the seaside with KS1 and the teachers.


  1. What a lovely place to visit.

  2. sounds like you had a good day my sister went on this trip