Thursday, 23 May 2019

PGL 2019 Day 4

All children took part in Tunnel Trail at different points during the day within their individual groups. During this activity the children got to explore various sizes of tubes and tunnels and use these to work together to help teammates through the tunnels from the outside using only instructions to direct them. They played various games inside the tunnel such as infected and code finding challenges.  

Group 1 and 2 took part in Aeroball, Giant Swing and Survivor challenge where the children got to test their survival skills building a shelter, carving tent pegs and making fire with flint and steel. 
Whilst group 3 and 4 built buggies, abseiled and completed the challenge course, they all worked really well as a team to complete the course together without losing their lives.

After reading letters from home and visiting the shop to spend the last of their pocket money the children took part in wacky races. They got to be zombies, lay eggs and make a longest line they could for their team to beat the others. Great teamwork was demonstrated by all. 

‘My favourite activity was the giant swing, it was scary pulling the rope, but I throughly enjoyed the feeling’ - Bertie 
‘The best thing about PGL is no technology’ - Faith
‘I really enjoyed abseiling because I didn’t think I could do it at first, it was scary going over the top, but it felt great on the way down’ - Anna 
‘I enjoyed the games we played in the tunnels, especially the object finding challenge’ - Charlie 
‘The evening activities were really good’ - Rivve
‘We are so busy at PGL, there is so many activities to do’ - Elsa 
‘I liked carving wood and being able to use knives and make fire’ - Lauren 
‘I enjoyed being able to spend my money in the shop, I got some yummy sweets’ - Josh

Finally we would like to say Thank you to our PGL leader Jason who has been amazing with the children, taking them to all their activities, meals and keeping the children entertained during breaks.  

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