Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Incredible Edibles


Every year the children in Year 1 take part in the Ware in Bloom "Incredible edible" challenge. This involves us growing items and then eating them. Today the judges came to inspect out allotment and then we ate our peas and potatoes.


Lyra.. I liked eating our potatoes because they tasted nice.
Alice...I liked the potatoes because they were sweet.
Kyler...I like the sweet smell of the potatoes after they were cooked.
Chloe and Kirsten- Eve...I like the peas because they were yummy.
Tilly and Hannah...The peas went pop when they were opened.
Martha...I like the potatoes because they were salty.
Dexter... I liked the peas because they were strong
Chloe....I liked chopping the potatoes, it was fun.
Esme...I liked cutting the potatoes because I have not done it before.
Isabelle...I liked digging up the potatoes.

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