Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Chauncy Mathalon 2016

This afternoon four Year 5 pupils took part in the annual Chauncy Mathalon competition.

They had lots of challenges to face:
(1)  They played a game on the computer that involved rounding and estimating, then adding or subtracting, all against the clock.  The game got more difficult as it went on, to 3-digit numbers with decimals.
(2)  They took part in a problem-solving relay, which involved solving seven questions, one after the other.  They couldn't move onto the next question until they'd got the previous one right.  It was only until the relay was over did we find out that the questions came from a GCSE maths paper!
(3)  They completed an algebraic jigsaw.
(4)  They took part in a team game on laptops where speed and accuracy were the key.

All their individual and team points added up to make a school total.  Although we didn't come in the top 3 (we came about 4th by my reckoning) the children did really well.  They all worked as a team and demonstrated so many of our school values: resilience, perseverance, determination and cooperation to name but a few.  They never stopped smiling.

So a big 'well done' to Ella, Emily, Isabella and Julian for making us all proud today and to St. Andrews School (Much Hadham) for being the overall winners.

Mrs Adams

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