Friday, 20 March 2015


This half term has seen KS1 learning about adventure! 

We had looked at some famous people who were not afraid of adventure and consequently made significant changes to the world. Bear Grylls, Ellen McArthur, Christopher Columbus, George Stephenson amongst others.

We also spent sometime comparing our school in Ware with our twinned school in Chessay Ma Jaw.

Potter has a visit from the school penguins, who stayed in their role play area for a few weeks and Butterworth enjoyed a "pretend" campfire and a real tent in theirs.

Stickman was the main focus of our Literacy and we re-told his story and then added in our own adventures for him. We then totally re-wrote the story using our own characters and adventures.

We will be visiting the Natural History Museum, next half term to meet an adventurer "Dino Dan", who will tell us about his life as an explorer and palaeontologist.

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