Saturday, 17 November 2012

Ware in Bloom 2012

Last night I was very pleased to be invited to collect a certificate on behalf of the children who were in the reception classes last year. You may remember that we, once again, decorated and planted our wheelbarrows. This year we went for an animal theme.
The judges were very impressed and acknowledged that it must take a lot of dedication from the children to produce such great results bearing in mind their ages; they were particular pleased with the fact our entry related to the learning the children were doing and the fact they had produced artwork and story lines to go with the planting.
Some of our entry
They have promised me new wheelbarrows for 2013 and I will try to remember to take photos when they are at their best this year, rather than at the end of several weeks of being battered by heavy rain, as I did last year.
Look out Year 1 parents, I will again be asking for donations of compost and plants to aid us in this venture or recommendations of local gardeners who might be willing to donate excess stock! Thank you in advance.
Mrs Matthews


  1. What fantastic news! Well done to Year 1 children and their teachers/LSAs for all their hard work and dedication in this achievement.

  2. Its lovely to see some flowers brightening the area, I'm sure the children are very proud of their achievements.