Saturday, 17 November 2012

Netball Tournament at Chauncy

Tournament Winners
On Friday the 16th November the A team took part in a netball tournament at Chauncy school. The first game the girls played was against Thundridge school. They took first centre but we fought back and Kasey, our goal shooter scored the first goal. We then took centre, which led to Kasey scoring another goal! At the end of the first half Christ Church were ahead 5-0. Thundridge were getting tougher and tougher, but so were we. Annabelle, our goal attack then scored four goals and we won 9-0. We enjoyed this game.
Our second game was against Puller who took first centre. The first half of the game was very tough but we were 4-0 up. We then scored five more goals and so won 9-0 again.
Our next game was against Hertingfordbury; it was one of our hardest matches. They had tough and close marking and so it was a tight game. However by the first half we were leading 3-0. During the second half great defending by Emily, Saffy and Holly, along with the wonderful cheering from Mrs Phipps led us to a final score of 4-0!
Football and Netball cups
The fourth game was against Hertford Heath, who were, apparently, the team to beat. We took centre and this led to a goal by Annablle and then 3 more form our GA and GS. At the end of the first half we were 4-1 up. Hertford Heath were fighting back and we had to be really strong. We ended up winning 5-3.
The final games was against St. Catherine's. Lottie took the first centre and Kasey shot a goal.We scored 7 goals in the first half, taking the score to 8-0 and then in the second half scored 4 more. We ended the game 12-0.
We feel we all played brilliantly and came an amazing first - well done to the A-Team! (The girls wrote this report straight afterwards.)
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  1. Your results were amazing, girls, 39 goals scored and 3 conceded. After a string of impressive results in the league, it was only a matter of time before you shone in a tournament. Fantastic!