Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Police Top Trumps

This morning KS1 and KS2 were treated to a visit from PC Mark Bullen. PC Bullen usually works in Sele Farm but especially wanted to visit Christ Church to introduce us to a new game.... Top Cops.
There are 21 cards to collect and they are very easy to get. When your child sees a Police officer in Hertford or Ware, they can approach them and ask for a card - simple.
The idea behind the initiative is to help young people get to know the local police and to understand that the officers are there to help and befriend people.
Did you know we have local members of the Police force who can speak Russian, was once a DJ, an ex diamond trader, a carpenter and one who is a member of the Jesters Guild?  
PC Bullen, ably assisted by Libby, demonstrated some of the kit he carries including handcuffs, leg restraint and baton.
After a question and answer session, two children were given their first card and we were told that if you manage to collect all 21, there is a treat in store by contacting the local police station.
Thank you to PC Bullen and we look forward to seeing any cards the children manage to collect (in a safe and responsible way!). PC Bullen did state that the children should ensure their parents know what they are doing and to ensure that it is only members of the Police force they approach.

"I am going to find some policemen and get some cards" - A

"Cool!" - M

"Will he come back oif we get all the cards and play them in the playground?" - A

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  1. That was a great assembely. I loved it!