Friday, 12 October 2012


Last week in Carle Class the children made popcorn.  They enjoyed it so much it didn't make it home! This week they have been busy making bread rolls...

First we rubbed the butter into the bread mix with our finger tips. 

IA ''It's silky smooth''. 
Next we kneaded the dough

We left the dough to rise over lunch....

                                                                              Then we shaped the dough into rolls. 

We sprinkled poppy seeds and sunflower seeds on top.

 Finally we baked them in the oven for 30 minutes...delicious!!

CF ''I ate mine on the way home!''

RH ''It was yummy!''

AD ''I shared mine.''

BC ''Can we make some more next week?''


  1. What lovely photos of Carle class having fun! The bread was delicious - it didn't even make it beyond the playground!

  2. Better dough than I make at home...!