Thursday, 19 July 2012

Olympic Poetry

 Today you might have heard the sounds of music coming from Lewis Class, as we composed our own Olympic poetry. The class read aloud three Olympic themed poems: The Ants at the Olympics, 9 Gold Medals, and the Olympic Race. We considered the poetry techniques, such as rhyming patterns, and thought about the message which was conveyed by each poem.

 In small groups the pupils brainstormed ideas and created their own poems, using the ideas we had discussed as inspiration. The outcome was extremely innovative and original, with ideas ranging from various animals at the Olympics, to meeting the Olympic mascots. The groups experimented with different rhythms and rhyming techniques, while tying their ideas into an Olympic theme.

 After practicing their poems the class listened to the song “Move to the Beat” which has been featured on a Coca-Cola advert. For this song Mark Ronson travelled the world to create a music track using the sounds of sports from 5 Olympic hopefuls. The track is accompanied by vocals from artist Katy B, as an inspirational song for the London Olympics. The class identified sounds which were used throughout the video, such as running, jumping from spring boards, table-tennis and archery. 


Lewis Class were then able to create their own music to accompany their Olympic poems. They used a variety of instruments and improvised techniques to perform their poetry. We focused on reading poetry aloud with good expression and gestures, resulting in some lively and amusing performances.

We hope you enjoy watching our poems as much as the class enjoyed making them!

Kealie Mardell
Volunteer Assistant

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