Friday, 20 July 2012

Kit Cars at Chauncy

On Tuesday Year 3 and 4 visited Chauncy school as part of their community day.  The children enjoyed building a 'Kit Car' with the support of the Chauncy students.

The day began with the building of the car chassis.  The children were given instructions on how to fix the wheels to the chassis using axle holders and axle holders.  This was followed by attaching the motor to the gear of the car.

Later on in the morning, the children had time to design their car body.  Designs included lightening bolts, stars and various shades of pink.  The body of the car started out as a flat net template, which was later folded and attached to the chassis.

In the afternoon, the children took part in races using their 'Kit Car.'  The children took part in various heats, racing their cars on different surfaces and across various distances.

At the end of the day, certificates were given out for best design and fastest car.

The children had a thoroughly enjoyable day and we would like to thank Chauncy for having us.

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  1. Looks like everyone had a good day and made some lovely kit cars!