Monday, 9 July 2012

The Great Bed of Ware, Monday 9th July

Today Carle Class returned to Ware Museum to see the Great Bed. The children were very excited to see the bed set up after watching it be delivered in boxes and smaller pieces.

The fun started when all the children put on night hats! They thought this made them look lke elves!

The children were split into three groups to learn more about the bed.

They used special stencils to draw the pattern that was carved into the wooden posts of the bed. This took lots of concentration...

We also learnt about the different night wear children wore in Tudor and Victorian times. Some of the boys were a little reluctant to model as they said they looked like dresses!

The third activity involved sorting objects into two sets; Now and past. The children enjoyed discussing what each objects was and what it was used for.

Just before we left we sang 'There were ten in the bed'.

Thank you to all our adult helpers for joining us today.

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