Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Kingswood - Tuesday

We are all doing fine and enjoying ourselves immensely. Today, our first full day in Kingswood has been packed with activities, no free time at all! We have had archery, go carting, low ropes, orienteering and special ICT games. The tasks have required a great deal of stamina and perseverance, they had to be completed under pressure, needless to say the Christ Church spirit has shined through well and truly.

We have also celebrated Elena's birthday, I think she got quite embarrassed when the whole Kingswood community, hundreds of kids literally, sang Happy Birthday to her. I hope she will never forget her special day at Kingswood.

The day has not finished yet, there are still a couple of tasks to complete so I sincerely hope the children will be tired tonight and find going to sleep much easier, as last night was rather testing for the adults.


  1. I fear they won't sleep any earlier....

  2. Great to hear you are all having fun. Happy Birthday Elena! Let's hope the sun continues to shine and the children start to sleep!

  3. Sounds like great fun - looking forward to hearing about all the activites you've done! Happy birthday Elena :-)

  4. Great to hear you are all having fun. School is very quiet without you! Happy birthday Elena.

  5. Glad to hear you're all having a fantastic time at Kingswood. It is very quiet without you! 😄

    Miss Stone