Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Children's comments from Kingswood - Tuesday

Stanley: All the activities are great. Although I have been pushed to my limits I am having lots of fun.
Tiegan: Kingswood is fantastic, everyone is having fun and we all can't wait until the 'Leap of Faith'.
Natalie: Kingswood is awesome! The go carting was so cool. I really want to do the 'Zipwire' and 'Leap of Faith'.
Lisa: Kingswood is brilliant! We are doing lots of great activities such as go carts, abseiling, 'Aeroball' and many others.
Abigail: Kingswood is such great fun, pushing you to the limits and giving us new experiences. We are all doing great.
Jack: Awesome so far but the food id a bit horrible.
Francesca: It is really fun, we did loads of activities.
Ruby: It is such great fun, everything is amazing (apart form the food).
Elena (Birthday Girl): Just tried go-carting, which was amazing, although I am not sure about my driving skills, I may not be able to get a driving licence! I've had a GREAT birthday so far apart form lunch which wasn't nice. All in all is FAB.
Iris: Kingswood is so much more fun than I thought it would be. I am loving it so much.
Eden: It's awesome!!! Except for the food, no offence Kingswood.
Oscar and Sam: Awesome except for the food.


  1. Its great to see that all of you are having a great time and are trying new fun experiences. Perhaps some of the comments about food will make them realise how great we Mums are, always cooking great dinners ! Enjoy the rest of your week as the memories will always stay with you. x

  2. Wonderful to hear such great tales - looking forward to a long weekend full of stories.
    Good to ready that Elena was suitably embarrassed for her birthday yesterday - wishing you many years!
    Think parents should be invited too??!!
    Have fun, enjoy!