Thursday, 23 February 2012

Roman Day

Roman Day came to Christ Church School
Reporter: Bella K

On Wednesday 8th of February 2012, Christ Church School celebrated Roman Day with a range of activities.

This is how the day went:

First I followed the children into Fine class, I had a chat with Miss Byrne and she told me the children were learning a song called `Just Like A Roman’. Everyone looked very amazing in their costumes!

Secondly, the children went into the hall. They were marching around learning Roman commands in Latin and English and doing the testudo (in English: tortoise). Mr Cadwallader told everyone to imagine they were still in the army as they marched back to their classrooms.
Thirdly, I went with a small group into Mc Gough class and Mrs Lincoln was making dates, stuffed with raisins drizzled in honey, and salad with tomatoes and lettuce.

Then I stepped into the library and the children were examining replica Samian pottery bowls with Mrs Croft.

For the next activity everyone in Lewis class made Roman coins from clay, with a face on them.

At the end of the day all the classes went into the hall and had a great FEAST and sang ‘Just Like a Roman’ to all the parents!

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  1. The just like a roman song was fantastic and the feast was brillant. I hope we do it again.